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  1. Back to the O-line, the announcers have been praising them the last two games. Luck staying up and clean. Hopefully they keep improving.
  2. Now that's funny...I printed that out and put it up on me desk wall.
  3. What stood out to me, when I looked at the schedule was the fact we travel again to New England. It might just be me, but we travel there too much.
  4. This is nothing but trolling. When Nagy chose Chicago, a sports writer in Chicago posted that Luck's health issue was why Nagy chose the Bears. That story was quickly buried. But it looks like trolls will be trolls. And I am not calling the poster in this forum a troll.
  5. Nicely put sir. Congratulations on entering your 61st year of enjoying the Colts. I myself am entering my 41st season and have enjoyed all of them.
  6. More food for thought on Chuck. His 5 year coaching record percentage ranks 30 all-time. He is at 49-31, 3 playoff seasons and a .613 winning percentage. Carolina's coach Rivera sits at 53-42 with a .557 percentage. NOT defending Chuck just throwing out bones for dogs to chew on.
  7. Well, if you go and look at Mike Tomlinson's record he also has a back to back 8-8 seasons and tomorrow his team is in the AFC championship(where we would like to be), IF chuck learns from his past mistakes and gets some better players we may have a future, if not it will be a rinse and repeat.
  8. Ok, lets not throw Castonzo to the wolves! I saw that qb we had before Luck get smashed a few times just like that and we had Tarik Glenn in that spot. Im just saying....
  9. this is actually sad, for a guy who didnt start he had so many posts written about him and now he is gone. the sad part is this is probably the last post about him.
  10. my son said he already saw it, the Colts knocking his Rabbits, oops sorry Ravens outta the playoofs, just made me smile.
  11. our line is soo bad i have nicknamed them "After you" good thing Luck is quick on his feet
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