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  1. And it doesn't stop on offense. Look at the same thing on defense. Seems the draft picks are fast and fragile.
  2. I think the Colts have had ample time to see what they have with JB and with BH. They should start CK the rest of the season to see what they have with him. JB's performance has hurt his trade stock, and it is obvious he is a back-up at best. He cannot beat anyone with his arm or legs. BH is a veteran back-up who can win, or lose games for you on any given day. Neither one can carry a team. It is time to find out if CK should be kept, or released. The Colts will have won too many games to get one of the top QB's in this years draft, and I agree that, "political correctness" will play a large part in the retention of a QB for next year. But objectively speaking, a new starting QB is necessary.
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