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  1. Go Pats, I've haven't had any beef with you on this forum, But honestly, If you think that Irsay is the classless man that you think he is, Why on God's green earth, do you post in here? If god forbid, I moved to Boston, I would still only post in here, Because "I am a Colts Fan" If you are not, I don't see the point.
  2. I would say they both need each other, like comparing which of your parents, are more valuable.
  3. This is nothing new in the NFL, it has been going on for decades and decades, only the money has grown more.
  4. 5 championships in a short time was what made the Packers the team to beat in the early 60's. in the NFL, And yes there was Pro football before it was called the Super Bowl . Unitas and the Colts put the NFL on the map in the late 50's and Bart and the Packers took it to the next level after. The Unitas & Starr battles were epic in the early 60's. That's what cemented my love of the game back then.
  5. I know that voluntary means not required, to attend for your team, But the situation of each team is different. The Browns with Baker Mayfield in his second season, would greatly benefit from Beckham, showing support for his new young QB to get up to speed & rhythm for them in the up coming season, to be ahead of the learning curve. From what I have heard a lot of veterans for the Browns showed up even though it was not mandatory, To me this shows a commitment into making the next season a success. I Think that Beckham is great talent, But his immaturity as a narcissistic mind set is what is ambiguous. That sets a bad example as not being a team player, especially to a team that is not already a contender every year.
  6. Well it's not official yet, but it looks like the Panthers are the last team McCoy is going to visit. So it's Browns, Ravens, or Panthers. My post started saying McCoy will not be a factor for the Colts, I think to clarify what I meant was to say, due to the money he still can demand, Ballard was adamant, about what he was worth to us in, dollars & cents. A player can check all of the boxes that you convent, as what you want in a player, but the logical bottom line after that, is he worth that use of cap space for our team? Ballard seems to not think so.
  7. In college, he seemed to get good yardage after the catch, But in the NFL, I just hope he remembers to catch the ball first before he thinks about yardage after the catch, lol. I think that receiving yards will be the most yardage.
  8. You have to admit, If Cain goes on to be a factor in years to come for the Colts, his story from college, to his beginnings in the NFL will be interesting viewing in "A Football Life" on the NFL network.
  9. I seem to recall that Manning made a lot of unknowns in the receiving core look relevant in his career. Now that our offensive's line & running game is getting better, Maybe luck can spread the wealth. Good quarterbacks can help a lot of average receivers look good, if the system you play in is right.
  10. Maybe, Gruden is trying to relieving the days, back when the Raiders were notoriously known for, as signing veterans that are on their last journey in the NFL, and trying to make it work. Sort of like Burt Reynolds putting together the squad on "The Longest, Yard". Maybe that movie will be standard showing in their game film's room this season.
  11. Looks like Chucky has a plan now lol
  12. Oh please Superman don't get so defensive The post is about top 5 QB's not the rest of the team's depth or lack of position wise. I think you are a wonderful moderator, and I truly respect your incite. I just think this the wrong post to go in-depth over the rest of the team.
  13. Hey a novel concept, Let's see how the preseason and regular season progresses and then pass arm chair QB incites on what we have or don't have that would make us better.
  14. I still think we are a organization on the rise. There will always be constant reshuffling of starters and depth at position. That's all part of the game. There is never a perfect scenario. At best that we can hope for is limited injury. and hopefully guys that step it up that is unexpected. It is never an exact science. Only players that buy into what you want to accomplish an sometimes over achieve in your philosophy.
  15. For goodness sakes guys, Luck, last year was coming back from a potential career ending injury, Shure it took a while for him and the whole revamped offensive line,coaching staff and injuries to gel later on. I think he showed you a few years ago in that comeback against the Chiefs, what he is capable of as a franchise QB I will never forget that fumble he scooped up and dove into the in zone to score after that amazing comeback against the Chiefs. I still think he has the same drive , and maybe more.
  16. I can see our team on a mission, this year. I think we will keep progressing and being relevant, just like the Manning era. I expect good things from our team for years to come. I truly believe that we are on the right tract.
  17. It's a precaution for Luck , this early. Luck will be fine Jacoby will be fine.
  18. It's all good Shafty138! You should have called me out. I let my emotions get the best of my analytical side. lol
  19. Well I view it more on the ambiguous side more that the sanctimonious matter in my perspective, .don't read into the aggressive tone unless you perspicacity is in your opium above average, more than everyone else in this forum. If so, I Shure everyone salutes you comrade for you incite.
  20. Hey guys , I 'm sorry I ruffled a few feathers in here, It was not my intention. I'm just frustrated that we had a chance at Suh, which in retrospect was probably not a good thing. I think McCoy would be a greater mentor as an accent to our young guys on the team. He fits the culture that we could use, so much that I am praying that we will sign him. but I am just scared that we will not sign him. And much to our fan base would love to in brace him, emotionally, Alas it depends on numbers and worth for our administrative department, who makes the call. Shafty138 I hope we can get along. I think I earned the right to say "We" after over 60 years of being a Colts fan. and to reply to your concern over previous post ? I am aware I can add to the previous post lol.
  21. Ballard just seems to have his own system of when it comes down to money, he will not get in a bidding war for him. Does he fits most of Ballard's criteria, Absolutely, But he, if they are interested, will already have his maximin contract in mind that he is willing to go. That's all. Hey I like the guy and would love to have him. But I think that there are other teams willing to pay more. So now do you understand ? It's not about the short term fit, It's about the money that if history is an indication Ballard wont waver.
  22. Ballard will only offer him so much, and that will dictate what he wants,
  23. Could he be an asset ? Of course he can. Will he be? If he does he does other wise don't lose any sleep over it. If not it wasn't meant to be is my point.
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