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  1. ju Just a experiment temporarily as a quality back up (Jacoby) and a project rookie to see if he can develop for now.
  2. We only chose Jacob as a possible project QB because of the way he fell in the draft. Is he our new possible Franchise QB probably not. but at least it gives us a head start on having back up options at the position for this year . We will still be searching for our future QB beyond Rivers, Jacoby, ect.. beyond this season. do we want another , Jim Sorgi, or Painter as a back up if Rivers gets hurt. that's why for this year having Jacoby & Jacob as a back up to learn can help in our search for this year for sure. We still need a future Franchise QB but at least this buys us time for now.
  3. We need depth besides Mack at running back, not a drop off in the running game.
  4. We might not get the value we would expect as a back up but business is business .
  5. He will be find behind our line. And perhaps more durable than Mack.
  6. This year is a training session at QB. Rivers to start see if they can develop the back ups mostly Eason , And Jacoby is a good back up for Rivers this season but then is traded or cut.
  7. They need a quality back up for Rivers , that's all for this year! his contracts up after this season.
  8. It's clearly a late draft choice. They don't have the upmost confidence in the choice but they figure what the heck, they can try to see if they can work with him, and see what happens, if it doesn't work out in his development then they will cut him
  9. Ballard seems to be addressing our needs, kudo's to our picks so far.
  10. Got to hand it to you danhart87 you nailed the top thread tonight! Congrats!
  11. Ballard said he is not reaching for a future QB if the situation is not right this year or next.
  12. Yes let's just draft a player for the sake of it even though next year might be a better choice, at this point. Hey I hear you but unless Eason or Fromm drops at place in the draft that makes since at that pick, I would not bet the farm yet.
  13. And a solid FA for the pick on defense, in my opinion a good trade for a unknown defensive draft choice at 13, At least he know what he is getting at 13
  14. I don't think unless Ballard thinks they fall to low will invest in a pick a QB. If they fall way down the rounds , he might consider, but unless that happens I would not hold my breath.
  15. I think Ballard nailed getting Taylor. The dude is a stud at running back. And with Mack's contract coming up next year, he needs the motive to sink or swim if he wants to stay on our roster. Remember Running backs are a dime a dozen and Macks longevity record is not the best in the league
  16. Ballard is addressing the defense , But having someone like Taylor behind the great offensive line we have could help carry our team, Like Derrick Hennery did for the Titians, in the playoffs last year.
  17. yea me too.. he went missing last year but surfaced for awhile and then went dormant again. I hope he is well!
  18. So if Mack got hurt, and we did not have Taylor then you think that the other depth at running back would be fine?
  19. I know everyone has their opinion on what player or trade we should make, but I for one like what we are doing so far in this years draft. Just remember, we might not even play this year so the future could not be until next year. Everyone likes to think that this current year will be normal, but there is no guarantee, that this year will happen. There is no draft choice that we should invest in at this stage at QB this year. Let's see how this year pans out and then address the future QB for our club.
  20. This may not be the year for us to worry about our future QB. We have to see how this year plays out , even if we end up having a year with what going on with the Corona virus. If we do play this year, It's going to be Rivers and Jacoby as back up. After this year if it does happen then we will address the Future quarterback situation.
  21. Hey it gives depth to our running game for the future, I think Mack is a good running back but adding Taylor enhances our running back situation for the future beyond our QB situation.
  22. The trade up for a running back like Jonathan Taylor is a great choice to add to the type of offensive line that we have, That puts our running backs at the elite level of play for now and the future. We also got a great wide receiver in Michael Pittman. so far we have had a good draft, even trading the 13th pick for the 49's Deforest Buckner, a proven great defensive tackle at age 26. I am impressed so far in the draft selections. This might even bring back into our fold "Bott" that can not stand trading up for any running back lol. but seriously I think that so far if we do have a NFL se
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