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  1. Hey give him a break ,As long as he was productive. Naturally he would continue to kick year after year . so this was his wake up call to retire, It happens . If only this would happen to Tom Brady, then the world as we know it would be back in it's proper alignment. LoL.
  2. Adam with his resume., would only get booed my total *s, that should not be considered Colt's fans unless they have a limited Perspicacity!
  3. Hey if you have followed Adams carrier through the years , this stuff, does not happen to him! Look at his statistics. This is not what Adam does , Ever! This just means to me that Adam is slipping badly. Maybe if it was another kicker in his prime, it would not be a worry for concern. But to Adam, it's not like him, And that is a "Concern".
  4. I know you guys are pulling for us regardless, Who knows maybe we can be the exception!
  5. NFL means , "Not FOR LONG " and some legends need to except this. I know the love of the game keeps them coming back year after year, but it comes a time that mother nature says, It's time to go. You had a glorious Career. But it's time to let younger talent try and make their mark.
  6. I love what Adam has meant for the Colts ,over the years , but it's time, much to my dismay , I have to think that Adam should step aside and give us a chance to find another , place kicker that hopefully can at least be close to the legacy, that Adam will leave. He is a legend! and I wish him the best , but he needs to retire. The words , makes me feel bad but life moves on. I wish Adam the best but the future is in question.
  7. It was a hard fought battle, but we still are a team to be reckoned with. We can still be a force without a true franchise QB. Ballard has gave us a team that is relevant. I would love the luxury of having a franchise QB, but we don't, but regardless of our situation , we still are building a great team around , what we hoped was around a franchise QB. Regardless, we have the team that can be relevant. down the road, if we buy in, and believe in the process. Yes we would like to have the Franchise QB we enjoyed over the decades, but for now we need to pull for us to develop over the season to be a good overall team. Go Colts!
  8. Use to have Sunday Ticket back in the late 90's. My main service was Comcast. Bought a direct tv dish and receiver without having to have monthly service for direct tv. Right before the season came around Direct tv would mail me an invoice for Sunday Ticket. I had the option of paying for the whole season in one payment, or installments over 3 months. Back then it was about 115.00 dollars for the whole season Every game every team. Even locally where the team was playing if there were a blackout they would show the game. It was great at first, back then. I had it for about ten years. Gradually every couple of years, the price per season would creep up, but still a bargain. Then when high def was converted from analog, the price sky rocketed, almost 400 dollars a season, The last straw was a game that the Colts were playing in Houston, I live in South Carolina and they blackout the game here. because it was not sold out in Houston. When I called them and told them I got Sunday Ticket so I could watch every Colt game, they said that they could not control Black out games. The funny thing is I called a local sports bar near me, and they said that they were seeing the Colt game at their bar so I asked them what satellite were they using, and they said Direct Tv Sunday Ticket. Between the price I was paying I felt duped. So I told them I was canceling my Sunday Ticket. Well when I did , I got a letter from them in the mail, asking me to come back and they would give the rest of the season for free, I said yea what about next year , It's going to be the same situation, and they had no reply to that. So.. We did the sports bar a couple of seasons, and that quickly got boring. So now if the Colts are not on locally, It's the old Red Zone and hope they score a lot, lol. Well the better they play the more games they will put on locally here.
  9. The fact that even though we got off to a less than stellar start, It just reflex's the rust, we were shaking off. On the road against a playoff team, that we have always, had trouble with, even with Peyton & Luck. The main fact, that we did not fold but, came back and got it into overtime showed a lot of Moxy. I think it showed that this team is shaking off the shock of losing Luck and they are moving on. Give it some time, there is a lot more football to be played.
  10. I feel sorry for fans of teams who base their loyalty on only what players come and go on their teams. I have followed the Colts from the late 50's and Have experienced many, many great and not so great players who have worn that Colts uniform. But over the years, through owners, coaches , QB's and the rest of the position players , My loyalty has always been my love of that damn horseshoe. It will always be to me what this team represents, regardless , of who ends up wearing it. To me that is what a fan is suppose to be about.
  11. Even a blind squirrel, can get lucky enough to find an acorn once and a while & feel good about it.
  12. Hey Philly won with Foles with a good team built for their franchise QB who was out for the season , the same can happen for us, Don't forget we have a good structure for anyone who calls himself an NFL QB, the foundation is there BRO!
  13. Good night everyone , let's sleep on this and have a different perspective, in the morning to move forward on this .It isn't now about I told you before what can happen , It's about putting the pain aside, and think about how to move on in the future.
  14. Once the dust settles, all will still be in place to attract a good QB to take our team to the next level. just a temporary set back, I'm Shure that our management , will be on top of this, after rebuilding the line , running back situation , and defense , not to let it go to waste.
  15. We will still be a good team am Shure of that , but super bowl? not his year.
  16. Now that most people have vented, maybe it's time to move forward, and really think about solving the problem of our future QB for the near future , with our team being developed.
  17. John Unitas legs although not the best, was hampered buy an Achilles he got playing table tennis in the off season.
  18. Yes , wasn't it a rotator cuff that shortened Jones career, in the end?
  19. The only time that is a good time to retire is after you win the Super bowl Right?
  20. Very well said Coltsfan66!
  21. Let's face it, it was more than a calf injury, It involved the bone , and extensive rehab injury, that Luck did not want to take off another season to rehab, an maybe even surgery. Can you blame the man after what he just went through, with his shoulder ? Put your self in his place. If you have one once of compassion , give him a break. You know that this was not a decision taken lightly.
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