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  1. It looks like with the Coronavirus spreading more, this season could be decided, on a weekly to monthly basis, if not at all this year. I guess time will tell if we have a shorten season or none at all. I will be like us waiting to see if Luck was going to play after he got hurt. Oh the pain!
  2. Totally agree. It would be nice to have the same kicker who kicks field goals and extra points, to also do kick offs for a change. I know as he got older they had to Game manage Vinny's kicking time to help save his leg, but it's time for the youth movement for that job. He's obviously had a great run. He has a great love of playing this game, and it shows.
  3. It could go ether way, But if everything falls into place we seem that we could have a breakout year , baring injuries'. I always disliked Phillip Rivers when he played for the Chargers , only because he seemed to have our number. in winning against us. But now I hope he is someone who can solidify his legacy now. I hope we can now make his career a hall of fame one now.
  4. Oh, come on guys, you must have some opinion , or dreams, that what could be for this season? Hey the pre season is all about what dreams you would like for this season. Do we have a chance to be competitive ? Are will we tank? Hey this is just for fun!
  5. I know there is a lot of uncertainties, with this years, season, but if it stands as it is now, Do you think that we could be competitive as we are now as a team? Or do you think that we will just be a stepping stone for some other team?
  6. Very good piece on Taylor. It looks like we should have one heck of a stable of running backs, this season.
  7. If he has to get over the stigma of not winning a Super Bowl to help solidify his career, let's hope it's the Colt's organization, that does it.
  8. Just ask Rickey Stenhouse, It seems his driving improved, since those two split.
  9. Seems a lot of sports articles recently are soap boxing lately, for us to add Clowney. It would definitely, with what we are putting together now, make us a pretty strong defense on paper.
  10. I'll let the long time posters, bring you up to speed on our legionary fan forum Poster AKA... "BOTT" He hated running backs , even more that you.
  11. Nickster..……..Have we finally found out, where "BOTT" has been hiding? I think "The Masked Poster is really "Bott"
  12. I don't think that Jacoby, unless some team this year makes an offer will get cut or traded, A lot can happen down the line, depending on a teams desperation on their current injury to there current starting QB. His stock could go up like what happened to the Eagles a couple of years ago with their franchise QB going down, and Jacoby doing close to the same thing. So there is a lot of other things that can play out during the year. I know that I'm going old school but at the time. Nobody thought that Earl Morrow would step in and lead the Colts like Unitas to the Super Bowl. Are even mor
  13. Everyone thought that Derrick Henry was just another typical Alabama running back AKa.. "Trent Richardson" but you can't always just lump and stereotype every running back because of others who did not make the grade.
  14. I think he started at Georgia, got hurt lost his job to Fromm, transferred to Washington set out a year red shirted play briefly after that an forwent his senor year to inter the draft. So he really is a raw maybe talent that could be developed at 6'6 231 pounds a big guy.
  15. I just hope that there is some kind of season that is played this year, man it's tough with no sports
  16. The boy doesn't have enough experience in college , game wise to see if he is capable of progressing yet.
  17. All I remember is TY getting hurt from all of the defenses keying on him because of no other threat at wide out.
  18. Next season Jacoby will be gone, if not early from someone that wants him now.
  19. I'm not surprised that he waited to later rounds to give boy a chance at making the roster down the line . I knew he would not take a chance early. and he did not, he said that this draft he 's not looking for a Franchise QB and I don't think he still is even with this pic.
  20. Considering our pics this season, It would appear, that we are heading in the right direction, regardless of petty dribble that a lot of fans seem to invoke because of their favorites did not play into Ballard's plans! Oh boo hoo!
  21. With our luck recently, we need all the potentual receivers we can get to make the roster.
  22. Jacoby, knows that he is not a full season QB. He could be an excellent back up for a team. There is no shame in excepting that role as a QB in the NFL. There have been life savors at back up QB for decades ,A lot have become hero's in saving teams that made it all the way. Just check you history in the NFL. But to make it, pride withstanding , " A man has to know his limitations"
  23. Sometimes for us Jonny come lately' s it helps us to cut through endless first reaction dribble.
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