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  1. Unless something drastically happens over the next few months, even without fans in the stands, with the close contact of players,  blood, sweat, etc... there is no way it could work, unless they all play in deep sea divers suits or astronauts apparel. Not conducive to very good game play, if you can picture that. lol.   

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  2. It looks like with the Coronavirus spreading more, this season could be decided, on a weekly to monthly basis, if not at all this year. I guess time will tell if we have a shorten season or none at all. I will be like us waiting to see if Luck was going to play after he got hurt. Oh the pain! 

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  3. 2 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I love Vinny, he is the GOAT, belongs in the Hall, belongs in our Ring of Honor, and was an important player during our 2006 SB run but it is time to move on.

    Totally agree. It would be nice to have the same kicker who kicks field goals and extra points, to also do kick offs for a change. I know as he got older they had to Game manage Vinny's kicking time to help save his leg, but it's time for the youth movement for that job. He's obviously had a great run. He has a great love of playing this game, and it shows.   

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  4. It could go ether way, But if everything  falls into place we seem that we could have a  breakout year , baring injuries'. I  always  disliked  Phillip Rivers when he played for the Chargers , only because he seemed to have our number. in winning against us. But now I hope he is someone who can solidify his legacy now.  I hope we can now make his career a hall of fame one now.     


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  5. 2 minutes ago, Nickster said:

    NO comprende man. 

    I'll let the long time posters, bring you up to speed on our legionary fan forum Poster AKA... "BOTT" He hated running backs , even more that you.   

  6. 19 minutes ago, Nickster said:


    Another way to say it is that the 49ers ran for 220 yds with a 5 year journeyman running back that they have invested no capital in.  To me, this bolsters my point about RBs being relatively unimportant in today's NFL.  


    Raheem Mostert=Interchangeable Part 

    Nickster..……..Have we finally found out,  where "BOTT" has been hiding? I think "The Masked Poster is really "Bott"  

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  7. 32 minutes ago, funktacious2 said:

    Yeah, I don't think we trade Brissett. I don't think Eason should play at all this season. I hope he has a chip on his shoulder because him falling to the 4th is proof that some of the knocks on him were widely shared beliefs across the scouting community. I think that if Rivers got hurt and Eason were asked to step in, then it'd be a bad thing. He needs to earn his chance by putting in at least a full season of hard work developing and learning how to play as a pro. 

    I don't think that Jacoby, unless some team this year makes an offer will get cut or traded, A lot can happen down the line, depending on a teams desperation on their current injury to there current starting QB. His stock could go up like what happened to the Eagles a couple of years ago with their franchise QB going down, and Jacoby doing close to the same thing. So there is a lot of other things that can play out during the year.  I know that I'm going old school but at the time.

    Nobody thought that Earl Morrow would step in and lead the Colts like Unitas to the Super Bowl. Are even more recently , When Trent Green got injured and here you have this Grocery Clerk " Kurt Warner thrust into the starting role to lead the Rams into the Greatest Show on turf role. Hey sometimes history can be made when least expected. 

  8. 1 minute ago, chad72 said:


    I am just skeptical based on history. But that doesn't mean Wisconsin RBs aren't drafted in this league and won't work at all in the NFL. Montee Ball was just 7 years ago, drafted during Peyton's record breaking 2013. Calhoun, Clement were not that long ago.


    In general, I am skeptical of high workload RBs in college translating to the NFL, which a lot of Wisconsin RBs are. 2 recent RBs that did have success had success more due to them as complementary backs with their pass catching prowess, Corey Clement for the Eagles and James White for the Patriots. I hope it works out along the same lines but until it does, I am not getting my hopes up. 

    Everyone thought that Derrick Henry was just another typical Alabama running back AKa.. "Trent Richardson"  but you can't always just lump and stereotype every running back because of others who did not make the grade.  

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  9. I think he started at Georgia, got hurt lost his job to Fromm, transferred  to Washington set out  a year red shirted play briefly after that an forwent his senor year to inter the draft. So he really is a raw maybe talent that could be developed  at 6'6 231 pounds  a big guy. 

  10. 1 minute ago, NewColtsFan said:


    I hope you didn't respond here because you thought I was talking about you.   I absolutely was not.    You have nothing to defend with me.


    I'm good with the pick.    I''ve said that in a good number of posts.    I think it was smart.   Lots of potential upside at a modest cost.    If we can get his flaws corrected,  we might have a franchise QB.    If not,  we only lost a 4th round pick.    Well worth the investment.


    My comments are only about those who wish not to believe views that have widely been published on websites like ESPN, NFL.com and PFF as well as others,  for months.   Now that he's a Colt,  a number here don't want to believe these views of Eason.    Their choice.   I happen to strongly disagree.   


    For the record,  the issue of struggling badly under pressure is one of my biggest red flags for the kid.   You don't want that quality in your quarterback.    Not sure it can be coached out of him.   But Reich and his staff think they can -- so I wish them the best.


    The boy doesn't have enough experience in college , game wise to see if he is capable of progressing yet. 

  11. I'm not surprised that he waited to later rounds to give  boy a chance at making the roster down the line . I knew he would not take a chance early. and he did not, he said that this draft he 's not looking for a Franchise QB and I don't think he still is even with this pic.  

  12. Jacoby, knows that he is not  a full season QB. He could be an excellent back up for a team. There is no shame in excepting that role as a QB in the NFL. There have been life savors at back up QB for decades ,A lot have become hero's in saving teams that made it all the way. Just check you history in the NFL.  But to make it, pride withstanding , " A man has to know his limitations" 

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