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  1. On 2/8/2020 at 9:21 AM, coltsfeva said:

      I enjoyed this. Arch looks like he’s got some potential. Maybe this thread belongs elsewhere but I’ve said it before, bloodline does matter both in the nature and nurture sense. That may be a reason Chad Kelly is still on the team.



    Looks like down the road, we haven't seen the last of those Manning boys in the NFL.  

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  2. When the leg problem before training camp started,  I thought, maybe just being cautious. Then as time went on, OK maybe this is more serious than they are letting on. But when Luck announced, he was retiring, right before the season opener, All the wind blew out my sails, It felt almost surreal. This could not be happening, no not now, I tried to be optimistic, as the season started, and it looked like we had hope after Luck maybe, Then once the wheels started coming off the reality set in.  The signs were there, But we always hope for the best. 

  3. Still think even though we won handily, against the Panthers due to running game key turnovers, great punt returns, The inability to throw the ball long, is a major concern, Now it might be some receiving issues, but I did see some replays where receivers were  open and Jacoby was not picking up on seeing the whole field. When he does pass it is always short passes that most defenses seem to exploit, and do not feel threaten about his long ball threat. Until he shows that he can stretch the field long, this is a problem against better teams. 

  4. 21 hours ago, MCurtis32 said:

    If you subtract Sanders from the 2006 playoffs, Manning would not have a superbowl win in indy.

    But if you add Sanders to more games than he missed in his career, Maybe Manning would of had more Super Bowls at INDY.  then if you subtract Manning from 2006, then even with Sanders we might have not won. See how this Adding and then subtracting can change things? 

  5. For someone who insists that he just wants to play in the NFL. It would seems he demands a lot of , what other teams need to do to hire him. I don't  know to many other businesses, Where it seems that the one that wants  to get hired, demands the  terms of the interview. 

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  6. On 11/15/2019 at 6:13 PM, jvan1973 said:

    yA lot of speculation by a guy that may have met him at some point in college....  allegedly.    That doesn't really mean anything.   I have met at least  one of Notre Dame players.   It doesn't mean I know anything about their maturation into adulthood.  He is only 30 years old.   Fairly old for a qb.  

    If you can't see he is on the down swing of his carrier, his body, is beat up, he can't run or scrabble the way he use too.. and he chokes in  adversity. pouts instead of developing mental toughness , Then maybe it is you who is speculating on what he might me able to become down the road. Tic Toc. A QB is a different breed, When you are use to winning , the same way you did in college, and your skills , that got you to that level deteriorate, Not everyone can reinvent their selves. The only one in recent memory, that changed his style of play and still was relevant for a while was Randell Cunningham, He had a similar style of play as Cam.  

  7. 3 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    He's been the commissioner of the NBA since the 90's so why not, he loved Jordan and loves LeBronthe office laughing GIF

    It's really a more of a sad thing  than a funny one that is going on in the NFL. If some players have really mental issues it's something that should be addressed. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, csmopar said:

    im sure


    2 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    It sounds like people made a mountain out of a molehill


    There is no excuse for any of that behavior in the NFL, Miles Garret, seems to have a rap sheet on doing the wrong thing on the field, recently this year , and it seems he has escalated it to the point of what transpired last night. Regardless, of what you think of  last night's  video replay, There is a major concern in the escalation in behavior problems , this year that Miles Garret has been involved in. There is a pattern , That should not be over looked, It seems if you looked at his past problems , that his pattern seems to be escalating, and that should be a red flag to what is going on with Miles. The major concern at this point should be , Miles does need mental help in the future , if he want's to stay in the NFL. 


  9. On 11/13/2019 at 7:27 PM, jvan1973 said:

    A lot of speculation on a person you've never met .   The guy is a freak athlete.   He is odd,  no doubt,   but he is talented

    I hate to burst your bubble, but I have know Cam since his days at Auburn. I thought out of their National Championship that he would be a big factor in the NFL. I have followed Cam since his days as Auburn. I have met him from college, and know him, So before you think you can judge me , make sure you know the facts! Cam was , I repeat was an exceptional talent , but now given his body wear , and his inability to learn from his mistakes, despite his mental blindness. in the NFL. He is on the down swing of his career.  Mental readiness has a lot to do in your NFL career.

    I will always admire what Cam did for my beloved  Tigers in College , But that does not always transpire in the long term in the NFL. Buy the way my sister and brother in-law live in  Alabama and for 45 years pulled for Auburn, so don't give me that crap that we don't  know about Alabama players.  Sorry to go off on you  "jvan"  but don't just assume you perspicacity is above everyone else's knowledge . 


  10. Hey, they say games can be decided by inches sometimes , We have been very close in a lot of our losses , I luv what Adam V has meant for this team, but putting your devotion aside for a hall of  famer and being analytical, Regardless, who has kicked for our team this year, barring the hall of fame kicker we love , We have got to be better at points after TD and FG percentage in clutch games , no matter who our kicker is! This has to get be better! If Adam can turn it around, then fine, but we can't keep doing this over and over. We really do at this point need to look in the future for a younger leg accurate  kicker, and also maybe a punter.

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