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  1. We really need to come to terms for what preseason is really about. 

    1. southwest1


      I assume you are referring to which rookies make their rosters & who gets released or cut to maybe be brought in by another team.


      Secure a spot on Special Teams & that's a foothold into the league to bigger & better things down the road normally. 


      Or perhaps, you simply mean that preseason games are just a revenue generator for owners & nothing more. 

  2. We need to come to terms with Preseason for what it is really about. 

  3. Sorry Superman, did not realize this was a already discussed thread. must have missed the original , Sorry, would not have posted it, if I had knew. 

  4. Don't matter what  I create ,  It seams I create a motive  for this 




    1. southwest1


      If you're referring to a lack of feedback, I'll give you some. Don't fret HSC. Things slow way down on the forum until training camp rolls around & Preseason games get broadcast on NFL Network.


      You have as much relevancy on here as anyone else does. Things are just in a football lull right now. Don't let the naysayers get you down man. I'll contribute to a thread you create if you want. Again, it's not you at all. It's just a long break in NFL action that's all.


      Hang in there man.



  5. Scouts notebook warning on needy teams 

  6. Scout's notebook warning on needy teams!

  7. Student of colt's history

  8. titans last stand


  9. Why are there so many Colt bashers on a forum that should be more about Colt fans?

    I don't mean talking about  position players we need or don't need or our gripes about

    management but the constant berating of past players and eras 

    1. Gramz


      I've been asking that for years.

    2. horseshoecrabs


      I was a member for awhile in this fan forum back when Peyton was first  being drafted.

      It was a lot of the same negativity that made me quit the forum back then. I see some things

      never change.

    3. aaron11


      they are trolls.  they do it because they like trolling, its their nature 

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