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  1. I like our chances a lot better now. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/21106998/jacksonville-jaguars-rb-leonard-fournette-gameday-decision-vs-indianapolis-colts
  2. No to getting rid of Hilton! But I wouldn’t be against spending an early pick round 2-3 and trying to get him some help. He’s the only threat we have, currently on offense. Until Mack can develop and Doyle can get healthy there’s nothing. Moncreif is done, I think we should move on from him
  3. Yessss! Been waiting for Hooker or Quincy to get us a nice pick. The D is playing a great first half of football.
  4. We really need him, I don't have much faith in vontaes health anymore
  5. Not able to watch the game but I like what I'm hearing about how Quincy is playing!
  6. I'm really excited for Hooker and Wilson. I hope they play well this weekend!
  7. I agree with you, but in this case it might be best just to ease hooker into the starting roll. He's dealt with some injuries lately and still doesn't have a lot of experience at safety.
  8. I'm guessing 21-10 Colts. TY is going to use this game to show that he's not reliant on Luck. I think he gets 120 rec with 2tds
  9. Just take a breather, everything is going to work out fine.
  10. I hope this doesn't mean less touches for Mack, I really think he's going to be special.
  11. Even in small portions I like what I saw this preseason!
  12. I'm starting to become very concerned for lucks health, time is running out.
  13. Does anyone know how Quincy looked coming back from his knee injury?
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