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  1. I'm pretty sure you're right, his Twitter has been very quiet. he also confirmed with someone commenting that it's not any team news related.
  2. I'd eat it up, even if the browns picked where we picked this year at 26, gives us so much more fire power. We could get a steal or trade it away for more second round picks. I like this trend Ballard has of having multiple second round picks every year
  3. I'm hoping to see AJ brown and Rapp come our way tomorrow. AJ just looks good, watched a ton of his tape and I'd love to see luck throwing him the ball.
  4. Exactly why I requested off. I'm an EMT and my shifts start at 4 and end at 4 so I couldn't risk it lol
  5. Requested off tomorrow just to watch the whole first round!
  6. Im picking Simmons for the potential, but definitely against taking him in the first because of the injury. I have a feeling we take his teammate Johnathan Abram, I don't know why just a strong feeling.
  7. I've only been once, for a logic and Joey badass concert. One of the best trips I've ever taken, the atmosphere is unreal. You'll have an amazing time, but it will be packed
  8. Watching his combine he just looks way too stiff. If we did take receiver in the first round it better be AJ brown. But would prefer not too
  9. I couldn’t be happier with these picks. Two players I think can make an immediate impact and possibly future pro bowlers
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