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  1. NextGenerationLuck

    Mychal Kendrick’s is in trouble

    Best thing I’ve seen all day
  2. NextGenerationLuck

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    Watched the entire video.... 2 times.
  3. NextGenerationLuck

    Roster update - Improvement ?

    Why does everyone hate my boy Farley. Hit not be as hard hitting as bob but he did a damn good job last year
  4. NextGenerationLuck

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Geathers Good Turbin
  5. NextGenerationLuck

    New philosophy on WRs?

    I honestly think we found our big guy on the outside. Deon Cain was an absolute steal in the 6th round, he’s listed at 6’2 202lbs and runs a 4.43, the only knock against him I can think of is his hand size but after watching his highlights he attack’s the ball in the air and I love it. Him and Andrew can be really special this year
  6. NextGenerationLuck

    Colts draft Clemson WR Deion Cain (Merge)

    Love this pick. Our new moncreif, but only a lot more physical
  7. NextGenerationLuck

    Henry Anderson Traded To Jets

    Not really, it’s hard to suck even more when you trade someone who can barley stay healthy and have an impact on the field.
  8. I couldn’t be happier with these picks. Two players I think can make an immediate impact and possibly future pro bowlers
  9. NextGenerationLuck

    Who’s our #2

    How would everyone feel about taking Hubbard and Landry with our two first picks in the second round. Then getting a CB or OT with the third one.
  10. NextGenerationLuck

    Who’s our #2

    Landry, Sutton, Hurst I would be very pleased with that. If any of those three are gone before then take an OT
  11. Hernandez to complete our line, then Landry or Hubbard, the get carter or hurst with our third 2nd round pick. But wouldn’t be opposed to Landry and Jackson just to kick it off
  12. NextGenerationLuck

    Chat crash talk thread

    I’m all for protecting luck. Plenty of defensive depth in this draft. I think we’ll be fine
  13. NextGenerationLuck

    Denzelle ward

    He’s my third option if Chubb and Nelson are gone!
  14. NextGenerationLuck

    Colts and Buffalo Trade Scenario

    I picked Maybe, it really just depends if Chubb and Nelson are gone. If they are trade back, take Ward and Edwards or Wynn. But if one of the two are there then we need to stay
  15. NextGenerationLuck

    Post Your Mock Drafts

    I hope we can grab courtland Sutton in the second. He’s my favorite WR in this draft, but I have a feeling he’ll be gone in the first