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  1. NextGenerationLuck

    Colts Highlights

    If anyone wants to reminisce and watch current colts players highlights, this channel has some of the best I’ve seen. Collin does some great work!
  2. NextGenerationLuck

    Top 5 graded colts vs the titans

    I honestly think he needs to start returning punts and kicking field goals to get better grades by PFF lol
  3. NextGenerationLuck

    Top 5 graded colts vs the titans

    It’s PFF so take it as you will, definitely think Leonard should be on there.
  4. NextGenerationLuck

    Top Rated Rookie LB's (Mid Season)

    Hes going to be the GOAT
  5. NextGenerationLuck

    Why are our TE's doing more.

    Luck has always loved his TES since back in his college days. But if Reich had any influence in the offense last season for the eagles, then expect the colts to use them often. So if you can, pick up Ebron or Doyle in your fantasy leagues!
  6. NextGenerationLuck


    If Geathers can heal up, I think we should move him to line backer and draft a SS next year or use Farley, who I actually like better at the SS spot. Geathers is only good for run stopping and moved to LB he’d be better that most at covering.
  7. NextGenerationLuck

    Colts need a WR!!

    Give me le’veon all day. We need a running back and a WR and does both very well.
  8. NextGenerationLuck

    Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    Bell just looks better and better everyday.
  9. NextGenerationLuck


    Honestly any news besides injury news, is good news!
  10. NextGenerationLuck

    No Leonard or Hairston tonight

    This is no bueno, still optimistic!
  11. NextGenerationLuck

    Colts Vs. Texans Game Day Thread

    Lol, this guy
  12. NextGenerationLuck

    Mychal Kendrick’s is in trouble

    Best thing I’ve seen all day
  13. NextGenerationLuck

    Rigoberto Sanchez 2017 Highlights

    Watched the entire video.... 2 times.
  14. NextGenerationLuck

    Roster update - Improvement ?

    Why does everyone hate my boy Farley. Hit not be as hard hitting as bob but he did a damn good job last year
  15. NextGenerationLuck

    Surprise Camp Cuts

    Geathers Good Turbin