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  1. Love greeny! Has been my favorite espn talking head for the past 15 years. Everything he touches is quality and his ability to manage the former athletes and turn their dumb takes into a fun discussion is critical. Otherwise it’s listening to athletes argue with each other with no real direction.
  2. Pittman pascal paris Dulin josh Reynolds - I think this is the free agent Ballard goes after. Under used due to players ahead of him but ready to break out and in his prime while costing low dollars in free agency
  3. IMO if SF wants him they are in drivers seat to get him. They start with a better package simply by round 1 value alone. Again this is if they are willing to part with the first rounder. If so then colts would have to overbid to get him and I don’t see Ballard doing that.
  4. My prediction at WR in free agency is that they go after Josh Reynolds. Perfect type of Ballard move. On the rise talent that another team doesn’t have room for or is considered excess at that position but is ready to take next step and entering prime. And doesn’t impact cap at a position Ballard doesn’t place high value cap dollars on
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