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  1. My Padres are tanking this season to perfection. Operation 1st pick overall is in full effect. Our rotation is 5 pitchers who might be a no. 5 guy on some other teams, but even that is subject to argument. But our farm system is strong, and the future is bright. Here's to World Series Champs in 2021!!!!
  2. Like most of your ideas...but i dont want to shorten the season any just for stats reasoning, but starting the season earlier and shortening spring training might be an idea there. One change I've always thought might be interesting would be in Interleague games, Switch the DH to the National League home games and make the pitchers hit in American League home games, just to give those fans a different perspective and see something other than what they see the majority of the time.
  3. I share a birthday with Garvey. Gwynn was amazing, day in and day out, and a great guy in person. Miss him still. His son is part of our broadcast team and it is amazing how much his voice sounds just like his dad. Trevor Hoffman is my all time favorite.
  4. Will Myers hit for the Cycle last night for my Padres. Only the 2nd cycle in the history for the Padres. The first one was just 2 years ago for Matt Kemp. Both were done in Colorado and both were completed with a triple.
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