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  1. Matty Ice had a terrific season last year. Ryan is an interesting case...overrated early in his career and now underrated player..despite basically turning into a top 5 QB. People might not like this...but Luck's career so far has been more Matt Ryan-esque. Ryan took his game to an entirely new level once he got to his age 30+ seasons and got to a Super Bowl they should have won. I think Luck can do the same...based on what we saw last year...and with the pieces in place.
  2. Rodgers will bounce back. I am with you in regards to Mayfield though. He could easily be on a top 5 list very soon. His rookie season was better than Luck and Peyton's...from a statistical standpoint...and he showed flashes of greatness.
  3. Yeah...Inman should have been on at least one of those plays. That scramble drill TD catch against TEN was awesome. Luck avoids the pressure and then throws a dart on the run to Inman...who toe taps and then takes a huge hit and holds on. No one else seemed to even know where the ball was except Luck and Inman. There was also a back-shoulder pass to Inman in that same game that was so pretty. IF I had to guess...the Colts PR intentionally removed highlights from current non-Colts. Makes sense I guess.
  4. But it's his only year. It would be one thing if he had a couple decent seasons and then last season. But it was his first season...and it was historically great. That's the only data we have so far. At this point, no proof exists that he isn't already a great QB. That's what has to be proven...not the other way around. Luck had a great rookie season...but if he had done what Mahomes did in his first season...I think nearly every Colts fan would have put him in the top 5. Or any other top QB for that matter. I don't think there should be a double-standard for Mahomes.
  5. Has he been charged though? I realize the investigation is ongoing...but I don't think he's been charged with anything yet. And if that doesn't happen...the NFL won't really have any additional information because they (law enforcement) have already said they won't share that information with the NFL. So basically, they would be going off that audio and interviews they conduct with Hill after the investigation. Trust me...I am not saying it's right...it's just how I think it might play out. Without charges...the audio will garner a multi-game suspension on its own...but then he will be back.
  6. I think he gets suspended for that audio...but I don't think think he's done. Obviously, things can change...but as of right now...I think it's become more and more likely that he isn't done.
  7. Agree. Also, if we are going solely off last year's stats...then Matt Ryan probably has the most legit gripe. Statistically, he was a top 5 QB last year...maybe even top 3. He quietly had a phenomenal season...and he's only two years removed from being an MVP. I wouldn't say Ryan is a top 5 QB...but he has as good of an argument as any. Once you get past those top 4...it's very subjective as to what you value.
  8. And you have guys like Wilson...and even Goff and Wentz. Plus Matt Ryan fits on a list somewhere. Very tough to crack the top 5...the QB position has gotten much stronger.
  9. Yep...fairly objective. But there's always going to be a degree of subjectivity when it comes to QBs. From that list...can't really argue Mahomes or Brees...given the seasons they had. Brady keeps winning Super Bowls every year. Rodgers is arguably the best to ever play the position (best...not greatest)...and then you have Big Ben...who statistically had a very similar season to Luck...but a longer track record. The whole 5-8 range is pretty subjective.
  10. Twitter is all I use anymore. I have been trying to be more active on LinkedIn though.
  11. I haven't been active on Facebook for years. My wife is though...and she is constantly posting photos of us and tagging me. I don't have an IG account. Twitter is really the only thing I use.
  12. I don’t think I would. I really like Twitter for what it was meant to be...instant information. I think if you use it as such...you can avoid the downside.
  13. Roster move 5/23 Colts sign Gerald McCoy.
  14. Just as fans. I am sure Reich has a way to determine that improvement and what defines success toward that goal. From what I recall, he said top 5 (or maybe top 10) run game...but he didn’t elaborate on what that means. It could be ypc...yds/game...total yards...% on certain downs...or some combo. I am just curious to know what success looks like to him...and the plan to get there.
  15. Nothing wrong with wanting to improve the run game...I just think we don't know what "improvement" looks like. Is it running the ball a lot more...or is it about efficiency? Ultimatley, I just don't think the run game is what drives an offense. I don't think you can get teams to stack the box against Luck. So yes...you take the what the defense gives you.
  16. Oh I absolutely agree. The passing game is what drives everything. Teams aren't blitzing liek they used to...because they have to be more disciplined against spread offenses. And defenses definitely aren't stacking the box against a QB like Andrew Luck...which is a big reason why the run game was so successful last year. Here is the likely RB depth chart and how often they faced stacked boxes last season: Mack - 13.8% Ware - 7.8% (because of Mahomes) Hines - 11.8% This isn't TEN, JAC or even DAL...where defenses just get to crowd the OL. And that's a good thing...because the Colts overall were very bad against stacked boxes last season...which is partly why the run game struggled early on (I don't think teams were respecting Luck yet). Once Luck proved he was back, the offense opened up and the run game flourished. Yes, the OL played a huge role in that...but Luck being Luck was a big driver. IMO, the next evolution to the offense was always about adding weapons in the passing game...which they did...and not about the run game. I think for this offense to get to the next level (that Luck is capable of), it has to improve the number of chunk plays...and you do that by adding weapons and scheming playmakers open. I get the desire to impose your will against teams like NE does...but no team has ever really been able to do that. And that's certainly not how PHI won its Super Bowl. Reich has talked about "outsmarting yourself" on offense. I almost feel like his theory could do that to an extent...by making the offense more predictable (running with one guy vs. throwing to one of 5 guys) or by creating more stacked boxes (if teams know you are running to set up PA), where the Colts struggle.
  17. I think she will be bringing her A game on 12/22.
  18. How so? I remember a quote about wanting to be a top run team...but is he sounding like they are going to be forcing the issue this season with run?
  19. Agree. I don't think cutting Muhammad gives Ballard any pause if they have the depth. They went out and picked up 3 EDGE players this offseason.
  20. The Colts have some depth at UT. But Jihard Ward has only played in 11 games the past two seasons. He and Tyquan Lewis combined to play only 14 games last season...same as McCoy. And in those 14 games they combined for less sacks and QB hits than McCoy. Ward and Lewis being on the roster are not good enough reasons to pass on adding a player like McCoy. Ballard certainly didn't pass on adding Houston Besides, Ballard wants a rotation and versatility at DL...there will be snaps to go around. McCoy (and his size) only adds to that depth and versatility I think.
  21. Missed 8 games in the past 6 seasons. Has had 6 or more sacks for the past 6 seasons. In the past two seasons, he has averaged 6 sacks and 22 QB hits. His 6 sacks last season would have been second on the DL...and his 21 QB hits would have have been 8 more than the Colts leader.
  22. Why is that? There seems to be this perception that Ballard has a general aversion to aging players, but his actions, especially when it comes to the DL, contradict that. Ballard gave both Al Woods and Margus two-year deals heading into their age 30 seasons...and just re-signed Hunt for his age 32 season. Ballard also gave a fairly large two-year deal to Justin Houston, an EDGE rusher, who will be entering his 9th year and age 30 season. This will be McCoy's 10th year and age 31 season...and is a better talent than both Woods and Hunt. McCoy has also only missed 8 games in the past 6 seasons...compared to Houston who has missed 21 in the past 6 seasons. So if the previous signings made sense...then McCoy definitely does as well...from an age, durability and production standpoint. And then you factor in his locker room presence and leadership. I have been beating the drum for McCoy all offseason. IF he doesnt end up in CLE...I think he's a Colt...before the next OTAs begin (but possibly even sooner). Give him a two-year deal to add someone that can help them win now and next season...as well as be a mentor to any other young IDL players currently on the team or brought in next offseason (which I imagine will be a focus after addressing other areas this offseason).
  23. That’s not really TY’s calling card though.
  24. This is all just part of the Mudd technique. OGs push cars up random roads. OTs, on the other hand, have to stand on Pennsylvania Ave. and stop manned scooters from getting around them...by any means necessary. Not sure what Kelly and the Cs do.
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