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    Colts single game tickets

    Yeah...last season was the cheapest I have ever seen tickets. Upper level seats for $10-$20. I got some sweet 200 and 300 level seats for very cheap. But even the season before I was able to get tickets for much cheaper than in the past.
  2. shastamasta

    Colts single game tickets

    No guarantees with this season...but in the past I have been able to find tickets on the secondary market for much cheaper (provided it wasn't a premium game)...and that included the last season Luck played. Not trying to dissuade anyone from buying tix now...just something to keep in mind depending on what game/s you are looking at.
  3. shastamasta

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Ravens have natural least the stadium.
  4. shastamasta

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    Thanks...I didn’t know that. Plus the roof isn’t translucent or transparent (like newer stadiums that are being built) I would imagine sun would be an issue. Hopefully, what ever they are installing is the next best thing.
  5. shastamasta

    Colts WR Deon Cain working out with NFL Legend

    Probably cause Randy was willing to cover his expenses...and Luck wouldn't.
  6. shastamasta

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    I am all for speed. But to be fair, the Saints' defense in 2009 integrated a lot of 3-4.
  7. shastamasta

    Colts Madden 19 Ratings

    NHL could be the best sports game on the market (hockey gameplay is second to none IMO)...but they just don't seem willing to improve the overall game enough.
  8. shastamasta

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    They recently signed on with some company from Cincinnati to have new turf installed at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center. But this says Lucas Oil Stadium. Maybe they are having the same company do the stadium as well. I wish they would switch to natural grass...or whatever the closest thing possible to it...especially with the recent investments on the OL. Even though there is likely no way to prove that the turf at Lucas Oil Stadium has caused more injuries...I just don't understand why they even take the chance. Every team that has natural grass...their players love it. Maybe Ballard can talk some sense into Irsay. He came from KC, who not only plays its home games on natural grass, but also had a player/s publicly criticize the turf at Lucas Oil Stadium. Natural grass (or whatever they could install there) is obviously much more expensive...but I think they can afford it...especially considering what they have saved on the roster this season.
  9. shastamasta

    Colts Contest for Fans

    Below is probably my favorite...even though its importance pales in comparison to other moments. I was at this game, out of my mind at this point...and they had just gotten the ball back. After a 3rd down completion to Fleener...I was hoping they would eat the clock and keeping moving the ball, but then this happened. You can hear the noise from the original broadcast...but it doesn't do it justice..the place was electric when that happened.
  10. shastamasta

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    This thread got goofy very fast.
  11. shastamasta

    Quenton Nelson is the highest rookie.....

    Not that Madden ratings mean anything...but that seems a bit weak. Rated relative to other would think would have him rated higher than 83...especially considering he is the best G prospect in a very long time. For reference, Warmack had an 84 OVR and Cooper had an 83 OVR in Madden 25 (though I am not sure if that was launch ratings or final updated ratings after the season). I would just think that Nelson would be the outlier for rookie ratings at his RG3 was at QB.
  12. shastamasta

    5 Reasons why the Colts will make 2018 Post-Season

    I don't know...the NL seems pretty wide open...but there are several teams that could make it. But even if they can make the postseason, they ain't beating the Cubs. /sarcasm MLB has the postseason...NFL has the playoffs.
  13. shastamasta

    The Quenton Nelson Story you've wanted......

    True...I do think Kamara was very underrated...even in a deep RB class. Playing for NO certainly didn't hurt...but he forced the issue (players play). But maybe Hines was underrated as well. I can say one thing for sure...Hines will look better in this year's offense than he would have last year.
  14. shastamasta

    The Quenton Nelson Story you've wanted......

    Man...if Hines is a poor man's version of Kamara...then Ballard hit a HR. But even a poor man's version of Kamara is lofty expectations for a 4th round rookie.
  15. shastamasta

    Steve Ishmael

    Are the Great Illustrated Classics still a thing?
  16. shastamasta

    Steve Ishmael

    Not only that...but UDFAs making NFL rosters out of their first TC is very rare...even with a team that has open spots like the Colts.
  17. shastamasta

    Colts meeting with VTech CB Adonis Alexander

    I can't imagine Brian Decker has that much influence on personnel least I would hope not. His evaluation should be a factor to consider...but not a deal-breaker.
  18. shastamasta

    Offensive Line

    I truly hope the Colts don't use their 1st round pick on a RT next year.
  19. shastamasta

    Defensive Backs

    I think they should absolutely sign one of the available Ss. Green is not good and I don't see how they can rely on Geathers at this point...and they don't even know if he is going to be ready for TC. It's very fortunate that three legit Ss are still available at this point, so I hope Ballard pulls the trigger. If Breeland isn't going to happen, I also really hope (and think) they will be active with CBs when cuts happen. There are also a couple CBs I wouldn't mind stealing from PSs if they end up there.
  20. shastamasta

    Defensive Backs

    I don’t think I have ever seen Green referred to as uber-talented. He is definitely an uber-athlete...but unfortunately he has yet to show any real NFL skills.
  21. shastamasta

    Tre Boston explains his Colts visit

    Ballard did say the rivalry was back on.
  22. shastamasta

    Tre Boston explains his Colts visit

    I don't know if it was bad intel...or just bad timing. To be fair, last season comparable players like Barry Church, MIcah Hyde and John Cyprien all got $6-6.5M/year on 4-5 year deals. And Tony Jefferson got $8.5M/year. Given that recent history and the cap increase (which has and tends to increase contracts), I can understand why they though they would be in that $7-9M range. I am curious as to what has changed this season vs. last season...maybe it was the draft class.
  23. shastamasta

    Tyquan Lewis bowl game.

    Not an OSU fan...this is pretty similar to how I feel. I watched a good bit of Lewis tape after the pick because I didn’t like it at the time of the pick based off pre-draft rankings. I was looking for positives and there are some. But what I saw was a DE who will likely have to kick inside to have an impact as a pass rusher (seems like something most DEs could do). And he almost seemed distinterested at times in playing run defense. Both the DEs drafted seemed like Ballard was targeting a position at that point...and not necessarily BPA.
  24. I love Hilton...but no way. OBJ is three years ago and on a HOF arc right now. OBJ has more TDs in that time frame you listed than Hilton has in his career (including last year). It does get closer when you factor in contracts though. Hilton's deal was pretty favorable to the Colts...OBJ's deal won't be (to whichever team he signs with).
  25. shastamasta

    Best Remaining Free Agents

    Yep...they need another S. And I think they know that...because a month ago they brought in two of them (well before we heard anything about Geathers). If Geathers was just rehabbing an off-season injury (like Hooker), it would be one thing. But he is coming off a serious neck injury and has had at least one concussion. And for those reasons (or maybe another injury), he was held out of OTAs. Given the physical nature of the position, I just don’t think you can rely on him at the top of the depth chart. With the new defense, having three Ss is a must to run big nickel. Even if we can assume Hooker will be back, that leaves Farley and then Geathers and then who else knows. Signing one of Vaccaro or Boston covers the Colts and improves the defense.