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  1. I Reiterate! Kylin is MY Guy, this Draft. I pray we take Walker Little (little Walker LT) with him, Kylin, in the next (2020) Draft. so we SOLIDify OUR Future. and Win at least one championship. +Peter p.S. I have a 1st round grade on Kylin.
  2. Damn, that would EXPLAIN some things... welp my NEW! Draft crush is Walker Little. HOPING he's clean and paired with Quenton #Perfect Nelson.
  3. My Latest DRAFT crush by far is = Walker Little. Pair him with Quenton Nelson for a decade = WIN, at least One SUPERBOWL Championship! Fair enough, I think so... Walker Little, Kylin Hill on offense would win now!
  4. Joe Bachie, Jr. #35 - MLB - Michigan St. OFF Field Hey eveyrone,thanks for the replies to the previous message... LOTS of names I've yet to scout/watch, so I appreciate the new material to watch. For me, the Draft and free agency are, a piece of Our foundation, there to fortify the Team with COLT Material On/Off the Field. ON the Pitch - I imagine he can Play ALL-3 Linebacker positions, but what has me MOST interested... He PLAYS like Darius "Maniac" #53, especially in the Turnover battle. And this aspect, set Darius, and kids like Bachie, apart from the rest but GREATER than any individual accolade... turnovers are =HOW Football Teams Win games. I'm hoping Ballard changes NOTHING about our TEAM Approach. And as We Draft, we AIM for 3 things only... players whom can make "the 53" 1) instant Superstars - Round 1, Pick 1 of COLTS History - Manning & Luck,and any other potential HOFer in Round 1 - Quenton Nelson! 2) Instant Starters/ Pro Bowlers - Round 2-7 Bob Sanders, Dallas Clark, Darius Leonard (ALL-Pro) 2nd Round or Later,,, 3) Instant Depth (capable Starters) and "the SPECIALS" as in SPecial Teams - UDFA choose your Favorite from Colts History. Mine is Gary Brackett, since he Won us our One Superbowl of the 2000's and He CAME BACK for a Teammate recently. Anyone apart of the Rugby Family, understands your teammates are WHY you go back injured or back into combat. Secret favorite UDFA - E-Jax "Pound Cake" Edwin Jackson. Rest in peaceful BLISS #53. So, analyzing NFL Draft prospects to me, comes down to HOW + WHY a guy fits in On/Off the pitch and helps us HOIST a Trophy.. For now,,, my picks to Add 2020 NFL DRAFT picks (regardless of ROUND, PICK, POSITION) Offense: Kylin Hill, RB from Mississippi State Defense: Joe Bachie Jr. LB from Michigan State Darkhorse: Grant Delpit, S from Louisiana State "DB-U"-because he'd INSTANTLY create a HOF-potential secondary partnering with Malik "I did a Thing" #29. +Peter
  5. So far, he's my one guy I "WISH" the COLTS Draft out of any player to IMPACT us as a Rookie next season. WHO's your guy?________________ (most important) and WHY? For me: I like Kylin for Our Offense, to add A PUNCH behind Quenton Nelson's Line, and to further our grasp in Ground+Pound control the clock type of Playoff Games that we compete in each week of the Regular Season, and I have yet to find a better 1-2 1a1b Option to have than Marlon Mack + Kylin Hill in 2020.
  6. https://www.clarionledger.com/story/sports/college/mississippi-state/2018/08/13/mississippi-state-running-back-kylin-hill-charles-huff-aeris-williams-joe-moorhead-saquon-barkley/980689002/ - "Everything Matters" is how Kylin Hill runs and PLAYS football. And now he has affixed his Life to "run" the same way off the pitch. Forget Saquon Barkley comparison, think... more of a shorter Alvin Kamara with muscles, and the WILL to RUN-Through-an ENTIRE defense. Really he's a shorter Man's David Johnson. with a "Kylin Lean" because he seems to finish soo many plays across the first down line, falling Forward, and with a Violent elegance. I know, this! seems like Hyperbole but I can assure you. if you dig for his highlight film you'll Witness... SLEEPER: 2020 NFL Rookie of the Year WHY: consistency. He was asked in an Interview, what thing was really different from this offseason from the previous, and Hill replied. "essentially nothing" just more of the same. He did make enough changes to EARN a starting position, but even better than that, he finished EVERYTHING he does like a professional. Blocking, Catching, Finishing runs. Lastly -interview earlier, Hill described what he does when getting involved in the passing game, and his response to the question was (like everything) ..."when the Ball comes my way, I Make.It.Happen" -Kylin Hill RB Mississippi St. Positively, Peter
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