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  1. No alpha edge rusher? Then if Tillery is there, I think they take him also. He's a major talent with a high ceiling. Lawrence? I really have a hard time seeing that. He's the epitome of a 3-4 nose tackle. Just not a fit for the 4-3. I disagree. Think Vince Wilfork He played for 13 years in a 4-3 at a very high level and he was a big dude.
  2. I asked the same question the other day. The only thing I have seen on him was a mock draft and he went in the 7th round.
  3. Where does Malik Reed project going? Just read the Colts met with him for an hour at NFLPA bowl.
  4. were not slow last year. signed our punter on the first day of free agency ;)
  5. I wouldn't be upset if we traded back to 10-12 and selected Vita Vea. A 340lb. anchor for the D-line for the next decade. Say he is a more athletic version of Haloti Ngata. Ray Lewis always claimed that he was what made their Defense special by keeping the linebacking corps clean. Pass rush for the inside would only help the pass rush on the outside.
  6. Trade back to late first and select Jordan Willis. Edge from Kansas St. Polian said yesterday he and Howard were as close to cant miss prospects as he has seen.
  7. Truly not trolling. Kid set all time receiving yards record in college football. with 52 TD. BPA....If it's him, I wouldn't blink
  8. I know we need Def. but personally, I would be ok with this pick. Kid is a very special talent. Made history on the collegiate level. We all want someone who can come in and make an instant impact and be a game changer. He checks all the boxes.
  9. Jenkins coming tomorrow.....not sounding good for Poe.
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