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  1. Allen is slated to make just $2.5M next season. $4.5M in 2018 and $6.5 in '19. Barring a very good season, rest assured those last two will be renegotiated or he's gone. It will scare (but not surprise) anyone if he has a 2017 season similar to his rookie year.
  2. Then what, pray tell, was it about? Brady had 466 passing yards (285 in the 4th quarter and OT alone). We get it; there's a lot of Brady hate here but c'mon; what happened that day was astonishing. In 50 Super Bowls the largest comeback was 10 points. NO ONE will ever come back from 25 pts. down to win a SB again. That's an absolute lock. And for everyone that wants to hand all credit to Belichick; take a look at BB's Head Coaching record in 6+ seasons without Brady? It's about 8 games under .500. Now he's 100+ games over .500, has five SB rings and is considere
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