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  1. midwest

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    Please don't use an exclamation point in the same sentence as Bob Sanders, you might hurt him... I joke, I joke.
  2. midwest

    Browns have sent request to interview Eberflus

    The web site I read said if the coordinator is still in the playoffs they can't be interviewed without the teams approval. Once a team is eliminated all bets are off. Again, source was the internet so who knows.....
  3. midwest

    Browns have sent request to interview Eberflus

    Scroll on NFL network just said he is interviewing tomorrow with Browns. From what I read if a coordinator is still in the playoffs they can only be interviewed with teams apprival, would the Colts give him permission to interview with another team?
  4. midwest

    Where are the Naysayers?

    I was one that had concerns about how Luck would do, or if he would even be back. I honestly don't know enough about the rest of the league to have made any predictions, I watch our games week to week but don't follow the other teams, especially in the off season to know who we should or shouldn't beat. Definitely glad that Andrews return turned out the way it did.
  5. midwest

    Will the colts be a dynasty

    Also depends on your interpretation of a dynasty. Many people think the Manning era was a dynasty. I am one that thinks that championships equal a dynasty not just domination in the regular season. I have a close fried that at the time was a Giants fan. I used to grumble when we would have all those great starts, 12-0, 13-0 etc. then get knocked out in the playoffs. He said I was spoiled, he said "at least you guys were winning lots of games." I honestly would rather have a mediocre team preform as expected, or a week team over achieve, then have a dominate team not live up to expectations. In my eyes winning 15 games and getting knocked out early is just the same as going 8-8 and getting knocked out early. Rings are what matter.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks deep down he doesn't like the way things ended and despite what he might say, is still bitter with the franchise?
  7. midwest

    Week 15 Playoff Scenarios and Who to Root For

    Serious question because I honestly don't know, I'm a casual fan. How often does the "strength of schedule, strength of victory," etc. come in to play as opposed to just the record and head to head matchups/results?
  8. midwest

    How did the refs miss that?

    Forward progress stops when the officials stop it. Ive seen them stop it really quick and the reach is not good and I've seen them let them fight for it more. In this case the ref was indicating forward prgoress had stopped by winding his arms, indicating the play was dead and the clock keeps going. I never did listen to hear if he was blowing his whistle at the same time or not.....
  9. midwest

    How long until we have a legit defense?

    I'm in the Ill believe it when I see it camp. Given the history of this organization I am not assuming things will all the sudden change in two years or three years. I hope I am wrong....
  10. Pat used to gripe about this as well. I think if you select 10 random NFL starters each week chances are a handful of them are going to have had a couple good plays that game. Chances are TY is not the only one who thinks he got picked because he had a good game.
  11. midwest

    Luck should be MVP

    I was half asleep last night watching MNF Chiefs/Rams. One of the TV guys said something about one of those players being comeback player of the year "hands down". I don't even know which team he was talking about......
  12. Looking at the teams that already beat the Colts and are a lot worse then the Rams. I know "football math" doesn't quite work that way.......
  13. midwest

    Are we seeing the end of Vinatieri?

    I saw him grabbing at his groin on one kick but after seeing the replay (at least the one I noticed) it was more of a celebration type move (thats how it appeared to me). He just put both hands down and bent at the waist a little. I have been wrong in the past though. I was hoping he would break the record today for the home crowd.
  14. midwest

    How about this trade. Brisett for Dorsett

    I used to always wander why other teams could win with their backups and we never really could. Now we can't even win with a stud QB so if we can get anything out of JB I say take it. It's not like if Andrew got hurt tomorrow that our winning percentage would change much.
  15. midwest

    Colts @ Patriots Thursday Night Football Game Thread

    Assuming Brady dies before half time