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  1. To me the fact of the matter is the colts when 63 and 49 from the time they drafted luck until the time he retired. Blame this or blame that but the Colts were paying him and that is what they got. I am guessing many teams with lesser quarterbacks had better runs from 2012-2018. It's not apples to apples but I used to feel the same way about Bob Sanders. Bob was great when he was playing at full speed but I also consider the amount of time he was not at full speed......
  2. For some people (myself included, and this might not be a popular choice) success is measured in championships. I would rather have Eli's numbers and two rings, then have Peyton's numbers and one ring.
  3. midwest


    Is it possible it was looked at in the booth/remotely like they do the touchdowns? I just assumed someone looked at it and said the recovery could not be determined. I know the refs don't go under the hood every scoring play that is reviewed so I assumed this was treated the same way last night.
  4. I'm just asking, how many people are walking around and available that could do better. I am not a super fan who knows all the people out there who are available, on practice squads, etc. Just genuinely like to know if there is anyone you guys have in mind. I don't know if Rigo was kicking field goals in college or not.
  5. Im asking because i don't know, not because I'm sticking up for Vinny......What options are out there right now, does anyone know. I agree he needs to go but if there is nobody out there who can do a better job then what is next?
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