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  1. Not sure whats up but the guide says it's on channel 4 but they are not showing it....Anyone else find it?
  2. All things equal, if every team/game was set up the same I would like Peyton. But things don't work that way and I am one of the few that think if you don't get a ring it is a let down. I would rather have the Giants and Eli's results and 2 rings during that time frame then all our dominant regular seasons and only 1 ring. I have the personality that makes it tough to have team that was capable of winning several more rings than they did. For that reason I give the nod to Brady, based on results.
  3. I am not sure if he did it more then anybody else or it just stood out to me but I hated watching him call for a pass interference flag after every single drop. I know everyone does it nowadays but I felt like he did it more. I think the league should just make a rule that the PI flag gets picked up if you are asking for it, drives me nuts.
  4. Good news is he isn't too far behind Manning in playoff wins in Indianapolis. A couple seasons and he could pass him.
  5. Tom just announced he is no longer a New England Patriot. Time will tell where he lands. If I were him it would be in a nice retirement village.
  6. It's worth your time to jump over on the Texans forum. Needless to say if I was their GM I would not be walking around in public for a while. The fan base is not happy, and understandably so.
  7. I've been to Vegas more times then I can count, often times for shows/conventions, races, etc. There is something major going on out there about every weekend of the year. I was out there last year for the SHOT show which is one of the biggest draws they have each year and prices were the same as always. Been out for Tyson fight, UFC weeknds, and Nascar races also. Would like to go out for the first week of March Madness sometime, just haven't made it.
  8. I am sure many Broncos fans felt the same about taking a Peyton Manning who had not played and many thought was on the decline. Now all they have to show for it is a Super Bowl banner every time they go to a home game.
  9. They've had a couple of 500 seasons but have only had one loosing season since 2000.
  10. I kind of thought that but wasn't sure. Reason I asked is this past spring at training camp Mcafee was interviewing Ballard and made some comment about kicking again and Ballard said he wouldn't release him without a trade, but he was laughing so I couldn't tell if he was serious or not.
  11. I'm just a run of the mill fan who doesn't know all the "ins and outs" of the NFL. Since he "retired" is he out of his contract? Reason I ask is if he was healthy and wanted to play in the NFL again does he have to come back to the Colts? Could he walk up to another team in the off season and say "I want to be your quarterback." kind of like a walk on? Just curious.
  12. If we had a great team and they were trying it to get in our heads I would think that was petty. There is no way they feel they need an advantage so I am in the who cares category.
  13. To me the fact of the matter is the colts when 63 and 49 from the time they drafted luck until the time he retired. Blame this or blame that but the Colts were paying him and that is what they got. I am guessing many teams with lesser quarterbacks had better runs from 2012-2018. It's not apples to apples but I used to feel the same way about Bob Sanders. Bob was great when he was playing at full speed but I also consider the amount of time he was not at full speed......
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