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  1. Fox 59 has it on locally.
  2. Not sure whats up but the guide says it's on channel 4 but they are not showing it....Anyone else find it?
  3. All things equal, if every team/game was set up the same I would like Peyton. But things don't work that way and I am one of the few that think if you don't get a ring it is a let down. I would rather have the Giants and Eli's results and 2 rings during that time frame then all our dominant regular seasons and only 1 ring. I have the personality that makes it tough to have team that was capable of winning several more rings than they did. For that reason I give the nod to Brady, based on results.
  4. I am not sure if he did it more then anybody else or it just stood out to me but I hated watching him call for a pass interference flag after every single drop. I know everyone does it nowadays but I felt like he did it more. I think the league should just make a rule that the PI flag gets picked up if you are asking for it, drives me nuts.
  5. Good news is he isn't too far behind Manning in playoff wins in Indianapolis. A couple seasons and he could pass him.
  6. Tom just announced he is no longer a New England Patriot. Time will tell where he lands. If I were him it would be in a nice retirement village.
  7. It's worth your time to jump over on the Texans forum. Needless to say if I was their GM I would not be walking around in public for a while. The fan base is not happy, and understandably so.
  8. For some people (myself included, and this might not be a popular choice) success is measured in championships. I would rather have Eli's numbers and two rings, then have Peyton's numbers and one ring.
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