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  1. I see the 6th WR spot coming down to Patmon and Dulin. I think some are underestimating how good Dulin is on ST as a BLOCKER and gunner. That being said Patmon did open my eyes some against Carolina as I didn't expect much and came away pleasantly surprised. All in all very good problem to have and my gut says Dulin for the reasons mentioned above. Gotta win all 3 phases.
  2. Figured it would have been a DT after Windsor being placed on IR. Hopefully this is just to push the young DEs on the roster. If Moore earns a spot he earns a spot and good for us and him. otherwise as others have stated it’s just a body right now.
  3. IF anyone offered a draft pick for Mack you have to at least listen… problem is I don’t think anyone is offering much if anything… Ballard kept preaching how Mack was a great player that he would love to keep but he was to paraphrase “going to get offered a contract we won’t be able to match”… I think that contract offer never materialized and Ballard resigned him at a price he was comfortable with. Having said all that I think Ballard was planning on that comp pick lol… It didn’t happen so we signed low and hopefully Mack balls out and we try again next year. But if someone offers a pick for this upcoming draft as opposed to a comp pick in 23 I’d jump on it.
  4. Am I the only one who thought they played different positions? everything being reported is stating that Warner is a MLB… NFL.com is staying Leonard is the next MLB in line to get paid… Darius is a Weakside LB… are we still expecting the contracts to be comparable simply due to caliber of player or position?
  5. Big emphasis on stopping the run lol… I like where this defense is heading. I’m not even an optimist it’s just how they’re trending that has me excited. Good times ahead for Colts fans with the way our front office and coaching staff have been jelling on bringing in the right pieces.
  6. I basically agree with you bro! I remember when Banogu was drafted and the initial talk on how he was going to be deployed was extremely similar to the LEO position in the Seattle LOB days. There was a LOT of chatter of us moving to more C3 concepts. None of us really know but my gut says you’re right and we have been draft/developing players that seem to be more Dungy/Tampa 2 scheme fits. Call it “soft” if you like but my understanding was the Dungy T2 I grew up watching was about playing fast, keeping everything in front of you, keeping to your assignments, and “basically” waiting for the offense to make a mistake lol. You could jokingly say it was also a defense designed with playing with the lead in mind. Don’t even get me started on how small out DLine was back then LOL… Man if we had an athlete like Buckner on that defense lol
  7. Seems everyone agrees here without wanting to agree lol. schematically our defense is predicated off of our ability to cause disruption with our 4 down lineman. The issue has been our DL’s ability to provide that pressure game in and game out. I love the fact we invest so heavily in our front lines on offense and defense! Everybody wants the huge, nasty, physically imposing front UNTIL it’s time to invest those premium draft picks though lol. We’ve seen how adding Q (wasn’t a fan of a G that early, SOOO elated to have been wrong. Literally have a man crush on him now lol) and Braden changed our offensive identity when they settled in. I don’t know if I expect quiet the same drastic turnaround on our DL but adding talent around Buckner and Stewart will only pay dividends. If we can jump into the conversation as having a top 10 DLine to go with our top 3-5 OLine I think we’ll make some noise this year.
  8. I’m with you on not being a fan of our “soft” coverage year after year. The whole defense is based off of pressure with your front four so expecting us to be among the leaders in blitz percentage is no educated fans expectation… but I’d like to see a little more lol. Kenny and Leonard just bring so much juice when blitzing I don’t see how you don’t try to increase their opportunities in that facet. A fan can dream… and at the end of the day we’ll see what happens. I’m just tired of it seeming like EVERY year some QB sets a record for consecutive completions against us lol
  9. I’m always a fan of a player shedding the bust label and producing. Sophomore slump has some people hesitant but I like the overall progression towards filling the Sheard/Autry role. Dayo seems to fit that “mold” as well and I’m not complaining as I see no redundancy because you need depth on the DL regardless. All the better for us if they both ball out. Lewis is either going to earn a second contract with us or play himself out of our price range and we’ll see the return in a draft pick.
  10. My bad @CR91 I mistook legend for HOF caliber. Collie was one tough you know what when it came to going over the middle and especially in the seam. Especially doing so when you could still get blown up by a defender. thanks for your insight!
  11. I’m honestly not trying to be argumentative but… Austin Collie a legend? Do you mean in the sense of “try hard and you can make it to the league” because even though I bleed blue it’s a huge stretch to even call him great let alone legendary. My wife hates that I play devils advocate and simply like hearing other people’s side one opinions like this but if you care to humor me I’d like to know your thought on him. I think the obvious answer for me (30ish years of fandom) is Bob Sanders. Bonus would have been seeing what Edge would have been without the knee injury though he was still hall of fame with it.
  12. I personally really liked Fields during the CFB season through the draft process. Hindsight being 20/20 as far as his eventual draft position and what the Bears leveraged to move up for him I would personally have taken that trade over our acquisition of Wentz. I’m in the wait and see camp with Wentz, and obviously hope he throws for a bazillion yards and hundreds of touchdowns for the Colts… but him and Fields are kinda in the same “unproven” category to me. One being a rookie and one being a reclamation project. Between rookie with unknown potential on rookie contract VS reclamation project on inflated (though slightly offset via trade) contract I want the rookie. Since there is no going back though I’m hoping they both do well and this is all a moot point.
  13. I want to see how Speed does at LB as well as his place in the pecking order. The backup OL should be cool too. Reed vs Pinter is one I’ll be watching. Marvell vs Rock vs Rodgers vs Carrie might be the most important in regards to playing time so don’t want to miss that either. A year off from preseason has definitely made this years 3 games feel so much more like FOOTBALL in my mind.
  14. Thanks for posting this. I was completely indifferent when it came to Flus one Reich was named coach. Knew nothing about him and figured he’d be gone “soon”. LOVE what he had brought to the organization! I’ve been a fan for almost 30 years and I have watched a lot of really poor... Jacksonville jaguars rushing for almost 400 yards poor... defense over the years. Flus is a breath of fresh air for a longtime fan like myself. I’m embracing whatever culture he’s implementing on defense.
  15. 1. RYS for the biggest jump. He and Bobby were both about a 50 and a 10 point increase from either wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibilities. Just think RYS has the better chance of being closer to a 70. 2. didn’t really feel “comfortable” in seeing a drop off in any of our core players which was a cool feeling. Chose Rhodes simply because it was him or Rodgers and I HOPE Rodgers is still ascending. 3. Paye. I think he’ll be solid very early as a run defender and develops as a pass rusher over time. Won’t lie I just like the kid lol.
  16. Though they obviously play different positions entirely Darrisaw will be the player I watch most closely in regards to who “should” have been our pick. I loved both players and they were easily my 1a and 1b for realistic picks at our spot should we stay out and select someone (also thought both would be gone). It was literally the Paye background video that made him my draft crush and I didn’t see it until the day before the draft. He’s the type of man I want my kids cheering for and I don’t think he could be unsuccessful in life even if football didn’t work for him. Great dude! Hope they both excel regardless but these shoulda woulda coulda games are fun too.
  17. I'd take Fournette or Cook in the 1st in a heartbeat... "You don't use a 1st on a RB" is nonsense if he's the best OVERALL player available... either of those guys easily COULD be just that if they even make it to our pick... Besides the afformentioned 2 backs, which I believe both can/will be great, everyone else is a RBBC back to me... Thats not a bad thing at all... I personally want someone to fill that role from this draft if we don't get Cook/Fournette... Thank you all for a couple of guys to read into/watch tape on if we don't end up with either of those 2
  18. The only players on that list that "excite" me at this point in the season are Berry, Poe, and Brandon Williams... Teams don't let ELITE talent hit free agency unless they simply can't afford them most times... not sure of Baltimores cap situation but I HOPE Berry and or Poe hit free agency... In my dream "maddenesque" world we get Berry and Williams... build the rest through the draft... none of the other talent screams "overpay for me" in my humble opinion...
  19. Personally I feel whoever our new GM is they are somewhat handcuffed to Pagano... They may not share the same "vision" per say but I'm not too hot on any of the available names for head coaching gigs this late in the game either way... If I was our new GM I'd ride it out with Pagano this year... The defense needs playmakers PERIOD regardless of position or possible scheme change next year... Pick the best players this year... Find the man to lead them next year... This may not be the optimal situation to fall into regarding coaching... But as a GM knowing I'm inheriting Luck and cap space like we have??? All day everyday lol
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