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  1. Miss ya man...

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    2. southwest1


      What's your favorite fabric? Cotton, polyester, or "Kashmir" man? Show em how it's done Alice...



    3. southwest1


      On the dare to be different front, checkout these German fellas doing a Jamaican version of the Police classic "So Lonely." 



      I gotta say this cover is intriguing & like nothing I have ever heard before. They need a horn section--A couple of trumpets & at least 1 trombone to pull this number off. Not bad as a Reggae knockoff though. 

    4. southwest1


      Toto always makes my day flow more smoothly man. It's a little rough around the edges, but still decent. The drummer & the keyboard player are off on their tempo & pacing, which prevents this number from being excellent I'm afraid.


      Still, as far as open mic night is concerned, it's raw, fresh, & an admirable version nevertheless...



      The band is called The Running Mates. Major props to anybody who straps on an instrument, steps on a stage, & let's themselves be vulnerable opening themselves up to scrutiny & criticism from the masses. Bravo! 

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