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  1. This is true. Don’t leave a bad team in the game
  2. Due to Rodrigo’s problems with 50+ yd FG tries, that’s where I would’ve gone for it on 4th down
  3. I’m not comfortable with a 20-7 lead. It should be more
  4. I agree. Any game at home is better than playing at Buffalo
  5. I can’t believe what just happened in the Cowboys-Giants game lol
  6. Absolutely. Browns could barely beat Steelers with Rudolph at QB
  7. Pass defense would have to be a heck of a lot better too
  8. Bills are on a completely different level. If not for Patrick Mahomes, they’d have a legitimate shot at the SB
  9. I think we all called this outcome. Bills are on a completely different level
  10. Dolphins didn’t really stand much chance. Bills are playing too well
  11. Absolutely. It’d be completely stupid to not want to win the division lol
  12. Yes there were bad calls. What ultimately lost the game was the 2nd half performance. It was awful
  13. That’s unfortunate for the Dolphins. This doesn’t change my opinion of the game. I don’t think they would’ve beaten the Bills anyway. That team is too hot right now
  14. It’s still very possible the Browns could lose Sunday. They’re the Browns after all
  15. I’ll still watch NBA postseason. That’s the most important part of the season
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