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  1. Chiefs vs Buccaneers. The next best vs the best
  2. The Eagles dislike the Giants and Cowboys way more than the Redskins
  3. I just wouldn’t pay attention to them. Rivers has been mostly good this season. Don’t let them get you riled up
  4. It was obvious the Eagles would do that. Do you really think they wanted the Giants to win the division? Heck no. Same thing would’ve happened had the Cowboys won
  5. Not directed at you 2006. I can’t stand the word “haters” with a passion. That word is so dumb lol
  6. It just depends what Colts team shows up. First half team the last two weeks? Absolutely. Second half team the last two weeks? Not a chance
  7. You’d really rather play Buffalo on the road? It’s a chance to do something special. No doubt about that
  8. You and I are usually on the same page. Not here. I’d much rather play Ravens at home. Bills and Chiefs is death row
  9. It’s a terrible road. Bills and Chiefs just to get a chance to play in the AFC Championship. That’s death row
  10. No I haven’t. The Andrew Luck led Colts didn’t invent so many ways to lose games
  11. I know the Texans had been back to back division champions before this season. I’ve never seen such snake bitten luck before though
  12. He tore up the B1G. He was going to be a good pick for whoever took him
  13. I hope the Texans win. I’d much rather play at home wild card weekend
  14. Jonathan Taylor. That probably does it. The Colts like to make things too interesting though
  15. I don’t care how bad the Texans play football. Watson is elite
  16. That should be incomplete. Still, that has more to do with the guy not catching the ball
  17. More awesome than the game at the moment. This would be so embarrassing if Colts somehow lose this game
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