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  1. Phil Simms just said that it reminds him of when Andrew Luck led the Colts to a regular season victory over Patrick Mahomes at Arrowhead. Um no Phil. That would be Jacoby Brissett lol
  2. I would gladly take Watson over a second year of Rivers. There’s no comparison between those two players right now
  3. That would definitely make the Texans a weaker team. Dude definitely deserves better than that franchise
  4. It’s not that the Colts are overlooked. It’s that the Bills have been so good
  5. I don’t disagree with any of that. Ballard is great. Colts are a well balanced team because of him. It’s a well deserved extension
  6. The Grigson era squads weren’t complete teams. Those teams definitely overachieved. That was solely because of Andrew. The Ballard era teams are balanced. The Colts would be just as good as the Chiefs if Luck were still the QB. That’s how great Ballard has built this team
  7. I hate to harken back to Andrew Luck. If he were still the QB, this is a SB caliber group. It still pains me that his retirement happened that way. Like you said, this team can plug in a QB and be super competitive. I was against the Rivers signing. He’s exceeded my expectations though. However, I feel the Colts have to get a better QB to win the SB. I’ll eat my words if Rivers can go on a run. I’d love to be wrong
  8. He’s done great. Colts have such a complete team because of him
  9. Stafford would be very interesting. I wouldn’t be opposed to it
  10. I’m glad it’s the early game. I honestly hate waiting for prime time games lol
  11. Absolutely. No taking off a half against either of those teams. Even taking off a quarter would spell defeat
  12. I’d be shocked if the Chiefs don’t make the SB
  13. No one is the Chiefs. With that said, I’d love the chance to face them
  14. This was the same argument with the Patriots every season. Bills were just far better than the division rivals. That’s not to say the Colts can’t win this game. It’s going to take a complete game effort. Taking off even a quarter spells defeat
  15. Definitely a B in the grade book. There were some games that should’ve been wins instead of losses. Other than that, can’t complain too much
  16. Oh I agree. I’m just saying there’s positives and negatives with each game
  17. Alluding to Rivers not looking happy, I might be overthinking this point I’m about to make. If the Colts lose wild card weekend, Rivers might just be done. I know he’s 39 years old but maybe there’s a disconnect with him and Reich
  18. There’s always positives and negatives with a game. Optimism and pessimism are necessary at certain points
  19. It reminds me of 2 years ago against the Chiefs. It was the first playoff game for Mahomes. Colts hung with them until Chiefs just took over the game. I think we see the same this weekend
  20. The Eagles had nothing to gain from that game. Nothing except leaving out the Giants or Cowboys. It’s actually funny
  21. It’s death row. Bills, Chiefs and Steelers/Ravens. That being said, it’d be the greatest run to a SB championship in NFL history
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