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  1. I don’t mind going for it in certain situations. The 4 yard line is definitely not one of them. Take the points in playoff football
  2. Still better than 10-14. Also, when the Bills score to begin the 2nd half, it’ll be 10-21. Kick the FG and it’s still a one possession game
  3. Killer. That terrible 3rd down play call has changed the game
  4. I don’t care. If anything, you don’t get the TD and get back to the line of scrimmage. Makes for a manageable 4th down from the 1 yard line
  5. Drive was ruined due to awful 3rd down play call. Two red zone drives have stalled because of awful 3rd down play calls
  6. My lord a pitch play? Why!? Just give it up the middle
  7. Give it to Taylor. I’m going to beat to death that saying lol
  8. This is a huge 3rd down play out of the 2 minute warning. Give it to Taylor
  9. Josh Allen not throwing the ball = very good things for the Colts
  10. I expected the Colts to come out well. It’s the entire game that we need to see
  11. Colts have a great backfield. Taylor for runs and Hines for catches
  12. Give him the ball every single down at the goal line
  13. Love me some Taylor. That failed drive is on him though. Bad drop that would’ve resulted in a 1st down
  14. Good awareness by Josh Allen. He’s playing really good football
  15. Don’t know how Micah Hyde didn’t pick off that pass
  16. He was talking about how the Colts could win this game. He harkened it to how the Chiefs game was won last season
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