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  1. Yes there’s a long way to go in his career. He has everything working for him though. He’s having a bad game right now and he’s still 13/19 for 172 yards with 1 TD, 2 INT. That’s not bad at all. He’s just set the standard so high. It’s unreal how great he plays football
  2. I think it’s very possible that Mahomes could be better than both Manning and Brady. Dude is destined for greatness
  3. Tyreek Hill with a rush TD. Dolphins lead cut to 10-7. No lead is safe against Chiefs
  4. I feel a Colts win on Sunday. I’m going 31-21
  5. There are always things to improve in wins. Nothing wrong with pointing out those aspects of a game
  6. It’s a huge game. Assuming Ravens win their next two games and if Colts lose to Raiders, both of those teams have the tiebreaker over Colts. That wouldn’t be good
  7. Any scenario playing Chiefs isn’t good. Patrick Mahomes is the best in the NFL for a reason. That being said, I feel Colts will find a way to win the division
  8. Colts do have one more home game than Titans. That could prove to be the difference
  9. I love Frank Reich. He was the catalyst behind Eagles SB LII championship. He clearly knows football. One bad call doesn’t change that. I love when a coach takes accountability. A great coach should do that
  10. I view it like Michael Penix for IU. You give him a third shot to stay healthy. If it doesn’t happen, it’s time to move in a new direction
  11. The best part is that we’re venting after a win. A lot better to vent after a win
  12. Anyone but Taylor as the RB in that situation doesn’t make sense. He had been the workhorse up to that point
  13. It would’ve made a lot more sense with Taylor. Hines isn’t a power back to use up the middle for 1 tough yard
  14. Watson is a game changer. He led Clemson to a national championship win against Alabama. That was a clear sign he was going to be a problem
  15. I’m a Reich fan. I think he’s good. Play calling just has to be better. He has to get better at knowing in game situations as well. I have no idea why he didn’t elect to kick a 22 yard FG to make it a 7 point game
  16. Honestly, I wouldn’t even say the D bailed out Colts. That honor belongs to Texans. D did have to recover the fumble. I’ll take it. Reich’s play calling has to be better than today though
  17. Good thing Texans find ways to lose. Shouldn’t have been that close. I’ll take it though
  18. Taylor was such a good draft pick. Being an IU fan, I knew all too well about Jonathan Taylor. Dude is a beast
  19. It still wouldn’t have been the right call. Defense just saved the bacon
  20. Well... they got 2 points out of that putrid play call lol
  21. Why not kick a FG and make it a 7 point game? Now a TD beats them
  22. Great response to the Titans opening drive. Put the pressure back on them
  23. I guess I didn’t realize that Ballard was hired during the 2016/2017 postseason. He still might’ve given the input though. He built a great team with Chiefs as well
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