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  1. and the league wont because no league rules were broken. fact not opinion. think about it, this is the pats...if they even came close to breaking a rule goodel would have nuked Foxboro by now my friend.
  2. Â again, show me what league rule they broke...hint, the answer is none.
  3. no, its called playing within the rules. Â is a flea flicker bad sportsmenship because you fool the d backs into thinking a run is coming, then flip the ball back to the QB for a long pass? Â at the time it happened, it was COMPLETELY legal. it still is. and will be. nothing unsporting or unethical about it. Â if you think there is, then we should ban flea flickers, end arounds, multiple reverses, any trick or gadget play.
  4. close, but not quite. Its now been reported that BB and Kraft sat down with him the morning he was supposed to go to indy, offered more money and more involvement in other areas, salary cap planning, etc, for him to stay. he did.  there is absolutely nothing wrong with the pats  doing that. its reprehensible for McDaniels to say OK I'll stay after all that had already happened in indy, like the hiring of the asst. coaches. Â
  5. ummm....no. wrong....the linemen being declared eligible were perfectly legal, what the league did after was change how the eligibility is reported so its more clear to the defense. those plays are NOT banned in any way shape or form.  please spend a few hours researching the subject to prove me wrong. you wont, but you'll actually understand what happened, and didn't happen.
  6. Â we haven't heard a word from the league office because no league rules were broken. period. you m ay not like it but that's the truth.
  7. please quote the rule the pats broke, the one that says once a coordinator agrees to coach another team, without signing a written contract, his current team cant offer him more money to stay. that's wharts the pats did.  good luck proving me wrong because there is no such rule. thoughts of the pats getting punished in any way is pure fantasy because they did nothing wrong.  McDaniels, on the other hand, made a morally wrong choice for sure, broke his word. I warned you all about him when 98% of the fans here were in love with him.
  8. read the article, the lawyer that wrote it shoots down everything you just said. and he is espn's legal expert, and we all trust the espn guys since they broke deflategate, right?
  9. dude, then you haven't been reading much here, ppeople wanted draft picks from the pats, the league to punish them, Bb and McCheater....
  10. that guy is a well known lawyer who has taught at many schools. where you teach dosent change what the law is. Â the point of this post was provide an answer to the tons of questions about what the colts could do legally, so we could all move on. Now we know, nothing. lets just hope the future is better than the last few years.
  11. see the link, no contract, he walks away scott free. the colts really screwed up not having him sign a contract, which they could have done if it stated a date his employment became effective. geniuses.....god help us all. https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/02/07/josh-mcdaniels-colts-patriots-coach-legal-fallout
  12. looked back and you are correct sir. my apologies.
  13. man, he needs to change his name to bad luck..its the only kind of luck the guy has...
  14. Who gives a crap what they think. Just be happy one of their cheaters isn't our coach
  15. We got into bed with a bunch proven cheater, and got what we deserved.
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