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  1. Round 2a - #34 A Jalen Reagor, WR TCU B Tee Higgins, WR Clemson C Brandon Aiyuk WR Arizona St Round 2b - #44 A Ezra Cleveland, OT Boise St B Jacob Eason, QB Washington C JK Dobbins, RB Ohio St Round 3 - #75 A Adam Trautman, TE Dayton B Tyler Biadasz, C Wisconsin C Jonathan Greenard, Edge Florida Round 4 - #122 A Anfernee Jennings, Edge Alabama B Gabriel Davis, WR UCF C Willie Gay Jr, LB Mississippi St Round 5 - #160 A Joe Reed, WR Virginia B Hakeem Adeniji, G Kans
  2. I'm not sure there's a site/source collecting that info (I haven't found one yet, but you'd think someone is gathering that info), but there is a great one for NFL teams at https://www.sharpfootballstats.com/snap-rates--shotgun-v-under-center--off-.html. I wasn't surprised to see how widespread the shotgun formation is these days - it's all kids are doing from the earliest levels, and "traditional" under center QBs are nearly non-existent at the college level. Only 5 NFL teams had the majority of their snaps from under center in 2019 - SF, Minnesota, Tenn, LA Rams, an
  3. Mike Leach has been spitting out nearly identical QBs since Tim Couch. I have no idea what Gordon, or Minshew in Jacksonville, will end up doing in the NFL long term. But what can be absolutely proven is the names change but the stats, production, all remain the same. Eerily. Like they're a product of the system. And not a one of them, ever, has sustained success at the NFL level. Maybe Gordon will be different. But I see no reason why anyone would believe that. He does exactly what every other Air Raid QB has done in that offense since 1997. I'd say that's a large enough sample size
  4. I'm not suggesting that Carr isn't a better QB, more gifted physically. I don't think decision making is any different. Feel. Awareness. What I am saying is none of that physical superiority has mattered one bit so far. Carr wins 41% of his games. JB wins 38%. Those are comparable results. In a sport where all that matters is results, winning. We can continue to pretend like Carr would be some savior, some huge upgrade, be the answer at QB, I get it, it's a fan forum, and hyperbole rules the day. I'm just not jumping on the Carr to the rescue bandwagon.
  5. Carr is a 39-55 QB with not a single playoff start to his credit. He is Jacoby Brissett, and every other .500ish (sub) QB who shows flashes, and then disappoints. He's had the likes of Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, Jared Cook, Waller, Jacobs, Lynch, and Murray as weapons. The Raiders, albeit temporarily, made him the highest paid QB when his current deal was signed. He's had a lot of support and a lot of talent on those rosters for them to be as bad as they've been. His fault? Of course not. But he's a part of exactly the same problem in Oakland as JB is here. This discussion is aki
  6. Anthony Gordon, Washington St., I take it is who everyone means??? One year - those kinds of players scare me. And that doesn't even get into the Leach offense and the time it would take to convert him to a pro-style offense... Leach QBs crank out video game numbers all the time. I don't think any has done a thing in the NFL. Minshew and Couch might be the high water marks. I think Eason, Fromm, Love will be the possibilities at 34, maybe 44 too. I don't think the Colts go QB at 13. I believe there will be a DL or WR or LT who sits there and has to be taken. Th
  7. I think this D is making progress. 7th against the run, 16th in total defense, 18th in points allowed, 15th in sacks, 26 takeaways for 10th place... And this is without a blue chip player at interior DL, edge, CB or S... I'd suggest that this D is actually playing above it's talent level more often than not. Plenty of room for improvement no question. They couldn't get off the field on third down (27th), and the pass D needs to improve (23rd) which we all know has to be done with better pressure, changing coverage every now and then, and improved talent. But middle of the road stats, m
  8. What’s most troublesome to me is the Colts will wrap up 2019 as a top 5 rushing team in the NFL, and rank in the top half in those stats that tend to indicate a winning team - third down conversions, turnover differential, points allowed... its when you see that they’ll finish ranked 27th or 28th in passing yards that the truth hits you between the eyes. This team as built isn’t too far away. A road playoff win last year. One major thing changed. The most important thing. And when you can run the ball as well as the Colts do, to not be any threat through the air is abysmal.
  9. Most teams aren't built to support a rookie QB. I think the Colts are built about as well as we could hope to bring in a rookie. The OL hasn't been this good in a decade or more, the RBs, TY, and Doyle at the least provide versatility and play making as well as a veteran presence, they've got an offensive-minded HC for support, and a D that usually keeps the team in games. And that doesn't get into how much cap space the Colts have next year to fill in blanks and provide even more toys. I think we've all seen what JB is, what he's capable of doing. And since JB is under contra
  10. Abram is one dimensional and the exact opposite of the kind of athlete Ballard has drafted. I'd bet half the members of this board have better ball skills. Ok, maybe a third. Point is, Abram is lost in coverage and can't catch a cold. He is a heat-seeking missile. But that's it. He's my prediction to be the first draftee to the IR.
  11. Living in Mississippi and watching about as much state-wide football as life allows, Ole Miss and Mississippi State had loaded rosters. That's about to change, as coaching changes are going to put recruiting classes back into the 20s or 30s nationally. But the last several years brought (or bought...) both rosters incredible talent. Top 10 talent. We've all seen hits and misses both on the college level, and the pro level, but that's how it is everywhere, not just here. It doesn't shock me at all that numerous players from both of those schools got drafted or signed or invited to camp.
  12. Beer shot out of my nose. That was AWESOME!!!!! Still got that swag....
  13. Don't mean to interject myself into your conversation, but the other factor mentioned by more than one source is Sweat has issues reacting to some styles of coaching. Mortensen said it last night - that Sweat's coaches even cautioned 'you can't yell at this guy'. So I think there were issues besides the medical. I think there were serious concerns about his ability to be coached up, or maybe his maturity, or sensitivity, or whatever you'd call that.
  14. Round 1 - #26 A - Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson B – Christian Wilkins DT Clemson C - Byron Murphy CB Washington Round 2a - #34 A – AJ Brown WR Ole Miss B – N’Keal Harry WR Arizona St C – Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame Round 2b - #59 A – Johnathan Abram S Mississippi St B – Darnell Savage S Maryland C – Deionte Thompson S Alabama Round 3 - #89 A – Kris Boyd CB Texas B – Terrill Hanks ILB New Mexico St C – Tytus Howard OL Alabama St Round 4a - #129 A – Antoine Wesley WR Texas Tech B –
  15. No disagreement from me on your examples of “body like Tarzan” but “game like Jane” from the past. Lots of those guys. And not a single combine participant has played a snap in the NFL so they all could stink. That’s sort of the OP’s point though, at least that’s how I understand the question. Who did we think will be the talk of the combine and move up draft boards? I stick by DK Metcalf. 1.9% body fat at 6’3”, 228 pounds, and put up 27 reps yesterday on the bench. 40 is this morning. He’ll surprise there too with his size.
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