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  1. Dirty Mudflaps

    Patience is the key fans

    Two things can be equally true. First, the Colts do have some parts of a foundation and show signs, albeit infrequently, to be optimistic. However, today was after 10 days to prepare for an opponent and to say they were ready, focused, or even As talented physically as the Jets would be ridiculous. I think "it's" more than a season away. But I remain optimistic because there are a few parts there, including the most important, the QB. But games like today are brutal reminders how far away they really are.
  2. Dirty Mudflaps

    Final Play Call

    They were down 18 at home to a team that hadn’t won in 11 months. A tie isn’t a loss. A tie was the play. And for a team that young maybe coming back to tie is a building block. Now it’s just a list of what went wrong. Oh and what we all already knew - it’s Luck and little else.
  3. Dirty Mudflaps

    Besides Luck & Manning

    Manning, Unitas, Jones, and Luck. And in that order, for now, I think. Oh, and a 'best supporting' to Earl Morrall, who went 22-3-1 as a Colts QB, and was the guy who held down the fort during Super Bowl V for that first title for the franchise.
  4. Dirty Mudflaps

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    They sure as heck won't give up 56 sacks... I'll say this - the team will get more sacks then they allow.
  5. Dirty Mudflaps

    Draft Contest Winner

    Congrats ThatGuy! It is crazy how nobody got more than two names!
  6. Dirty Mudflaps

    Wilkins vs Hines

    Hines will. I am married to an Ole Miss grad, go to a couple games a season, watch nearly all their games, and I like Wilkins, but he is limited. He won't challenge Mack for carries, and he isn't as dynamic as Hines, which sort of puts him in no-man's-land as far as I'm concerned. I really like him, he was the best RB Ole Miss had by miles in a pass-happy spread offense. If he makes the team I see him spelling Mack, so a two or three carry a game kinda player, and special teams. I bet Hines has that many plays scripted for him a week, like Sproles did/does. You want 4.38 with the ball in space. Good things happen. Wilkins will have a fight on his hands separating himself from Ferguson and trying to catch Mack. He's in that mold. So it's Ferguson he has to beat out. He's not a thumper like Turbin, Jones, or Michael, and he's not a sprinter/take it to the house threat really.
  7. Dirty Mudflaps

    The RBs I wanted are all gone...

    I like Ito Smith from Southern Miss and Hines too. Jackson from Northwesern could be a place holder, lots of miles on those tires tho.
  8. Dirty Mudflaps

    Simple question. How do you not take Courtland Sutton?

    Yeah it stinks how the Colts forfeited the rest of their picks and have announced they won’t sign any undrafted FAs. The Colts at this stage will probably just line up with TY at WR and nobody else. I mean, why bother?
  9. Dirty Mudflaps

    I have seen 1.5 Ballard Drafts..color me not impressed

    All of this! Great perspective and post! Life doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Ballard built with pieces last year. He’s adding more this year. There will be more next year. You don’t fix a 4-12 team in one draft or one off season. You don’t replenish a roster in a year or two. The emotional outbursts here are good theater. It’s good to remember that all those “best available” and “who’s left” lists exist because all 32 GMs, not just Ballard, has yet to pick a player. But yeah, us fans have it all figured out. They shoulda. Yep.
  10. Mayfield was the top QB on a lot of lists. Statistically he was the superior QB, especially in deeper analytics, where he separated himself. ESPN, NFL.com, Pro Football Focus, Football Outsiders, they all had articles touting Mayfield as the best of the lot, and backed it up with sound analysis, based on results on the field. I don't think any of the top four were so far superior to the others to really make that pick shocking. They all are flawed.
  11. I think this is the key too. What’s lost on many apparently is how the ability to run, even the ability to fake the run, frees up so much more. 3.7 yards a carry last year (?), amongst the worst in the NFL. Balance offensively, control the ball and clock, run effectively, and the D is on the field less. This pick helps everything. It’s never sexy to build the foundation but it’s what supports everything else.
  12. You know what's funny about that, I've seen a couple sources suggest their pick will be Kyle Lauletta, the QB from Richmond. Drafting any FCS player with a first round pick would raise eyebrows at the least. Garoppolo was a second rounder.
  13. Releasing video of Tunsil in a gas mask getting high during the draft is sabotaging a player. Finding tweets which have been on the known account of the player for all these years and have been readily accessible to anyone with basic Internet searching capabilities speaks much more to how poorly vetted these soon-to-be-millionaires apparently are.
  14. I think two things can be equally true with LVE - some teams are scared of the injury history, and won't take him based on the one stellar year in a down Mountain West, and the score was 4 out of 5 and he's as healthy as any other LB can be, meaning most teams haven't moved him one bit on their board.