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  1. Abram is one dimensional and the exact opposite of the kind of athlete Ballard has drafted. I'd bet half the members of this board have better ball skills. Ok, maybe a third. Point is, Abram is lost in coverage and can't catch a cold. He is a heat-seeking missile. But that's it. He's my prediction to be the first draftee to the IR.
  2. Living in Mississippi and watching about as much state-wide football as life allows, Ole Miss and Mississippi State had loaded rosters. That's about to change, as coaching changes are going to put recruiting classes back into the 20s or 30s nationally. But the last several years brought (or bought...) both rosters incredible talent. Top 10 talent. We've all seen hits and misses both on the college level, and the pro level, but that's how it is everywhere, not just here. It doesn't shock me at all that numerous players from both of those schools got drafted or signed or invited to camp. As to State specifically, that defense last year was incredible. #1 in yards allowed per game, #2 in points allowed. Sweat had a reputation of being a primadonna, didn't take to coaching well. Michigan St dismissed him, two games into his time there. This isn't new news. The whole health thing might have tipped scales, but his history of being self-involved and not being coachable is why he drifted down the draft. Right or wrong, we'll find out. But 25 teams all decided for whatever reason he wasn't the right fit. That should tell us all something.
  3. Beer shot out of my nose. That was AWESOME!!!!! Still got that swag....
  4. Don't mean to interject myself into your conversation, but the other factor mentioned by more than one source is Sweat has issues reacting to some styles of coaching. Mortensen said it last night - that Sweat's coaches even cautioned 'you can't yell at this guy'. So I think there were issues besides the medical. I think there were serious concerns about his ability to be coached up, or maybe his maturity, or sensitivity, or whatever you'd call that.
  5. Round 1 - #26 A - Dexter Lawrence DT Clemson B – Christian Wilkins DT Clemson C - Byron Murphy CB Washington Round 2a - #34 A – AJ Brown WR Ole Miss B – N’Keal Harry WR Arizona St C – Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame Round 2b - #59 A – Johnathan Abram S Mississippi St B – Darnell Savage S Maryland C – Deionte Thompson S Alabama Round 3 - #89 A – Kris Boyd CB Texas B – Terrill Hanks ILB New Mexico St C – Tytus Howard OL Alabama St Round 4a - #129 A – Antoine Wesley WR Texas Tech B – Max Scharping OL N. Illinois Round 4b - #135 A – Jamel Dean CB Auburn B – Daylon Mack DL Texas A&M Round 5 - #164 A – Donnell Greene OL Minnesota B – Evan Worthington S Colorado Round 6 - #199 A – Byron Cowart DE Maryland B – Porter Gustin OLB USC Round 7 - #240 A – Chidi Okeke OL Tennessee St B – Dakota Allen LB Texas Tech
  6. No disagreement from me on your examples of “body like Tarzan” but “game like Jane” from the past. Lots of those guys. And not a single combine participant has played a snap in the NFL so they all could stink. That’s sort of the OP’s point though, at least that’s how I understand the question. Who did we think will be the talk of the combine and move up draft boards? I stick by DK Metcalf. 1.9% body fat at 6’3”, 228 pounds, and put up 27 reps yesterday on the bench. 40 is this morning. He’ll surprise there too with his size.
  7. DK Metcalf, WR Ole Miss. He is huge, chissled, and will crush the combine. I think he ends up going top 10. He's on the right. That's AJ Brown on the left, who I'd love to see the Colts get at 26 or at the top of the second round. I think he'd be a perfect complement to TY.
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