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  1. Dude you expect him to be a superstar his nfl debut like lol he played really good for barely getting any snaps until mack got hurt
  2. Hairston or kenny moore are neither big enough to play in the dime package
  3. Hell no your crazy wilson is younger then melvin and is developing
  4. No i say leonard hooker and harrison and wilson is keepers everyone else is replaceable
  5. He had 2 neck injuries in 3 years not a good sign
  6. Indy1996


    How can you make a play when they never throw in his zone get some brains bro
  7. Remember they kept throwing towards fairley zone everytime can't put blame on hooker
  8. He can't play or practice until he signs the tender anyway
  9. No he doesn't he can holdout however long he wants it was the same deal with the texans tackle last year he did the same stuff until he got traded
  10. i dont listen to rankings and quincy played nickle on sunday like rankings dont really mean anything for 1 week
  11. I think they still have zach brown or whatever his name is its one of there linebackers ik his name is zach something
  12. Atkins didn't really do anything all game like your crazy nelson won the matchup tbh
  13. How about you stop crying like Jesus quenton nelson didn't even give up a sack like thats a positive and remember we was without our starting LT and starting RB
  14. You do realize turay is starting over basham right
  15. Bernard and mixon are not really that good relax and remember we got malik hooker and clayton geathers for a reason js
  16. Hooker is healthy where have you been at
  17. Kenny moore has been getting burned in the preseason consistently Bond is a center mark is a guard js
  18. Anthony walker jr has been taking 1st team reps at MIKE since OTA
  19. He isnt gonna start Mike cuz thats where Anthony walker has been taking 1st team snaps at
  20. Did you here me say mike no i said Anthony walker didn't i yea so i still got it right
  21. No cuz our MLB is darius leonard or anythony walker
  22. Let me remind you grant or rogers didn't prove there are starting wrs i rather have cain and fountain cuz rogers only had 1 good game in his carrer and that was against steelers tbh and grant is only really a #4 wr tbh he isnt worth as a starter
  23. Indy1996

    OTAs 5/24

    Andrew was on the field if you looked at all the pictures
  24. I say hines leonard skai moore and deon cain tbh they all could be legit starters cuz deon cain could easily take the #2 wr spot he has been nasty at OTA's so far same for hines and skai moore
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