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  1. Alright fellas: let's say we're 10-5 heading to Jacksonville, and we're tied with the Titans but guaranteed at least the 7th seed. Let's also say the Jets somehow win a game before week 17. (Both bold assumptions I know, but hear me out) Do you intentionally try to lose that Week 17 game to make sure Trevor Lawrence does not go to the Jags? A reverse Suck-For-Luck situation, if you will? On one hand, you possibly slip to a road playoff game against the Steelers, and you're pretty likely going to face the Chiefs if you win. On the other hand, you make sure that the Jags don't get Tr
  2. I see a rich man's Christian Hackenberg. The Osweiler comparisons don't make sense to me. Eason's a guy with a rocket for an arm and flashes of accuracy with mediocre-to-bad timing, reads, and pressure tendencies. Will be interesting to see if Rivers will help him develop.
  3. You can't spell Chad Kelly without lead, which is exactly what he'll do on our way to Super Bowl 54! (This is a joke)
  4. Simple question, simple premise. On one hand, you're already late in the playoffs with an aging QB & a good chance to make/win the Super Bowl, and you're cheated out of it. On the other hand, a Super Bowl-caliber roster is left in potential QB limbo for several years.
  5. The form of Philip Rivers, the legs of Steve Young, the arm of Joe Flacco, and the heart of a lion, if said lion was born in a college frat.
  6. You know how Ballard spoke about the value of guys who were exceptional at a few things and the importance of playmakers? Darnell Savage fits those criteria perfectly. He's a little small (5'11", 201) but his closing speed is RIDICULOUS and he pops on film. His head-on tackling is inconsistent, but his run and pass fits are great, and he can tackle fine from an angle. Thing is, I hear almost nothing about him. Am I just too high on this guy or is he buried behind other safety prospects?
  7. ÔŽ┐ Best player available
  8. N'Keal Harry reminds me so much of Nuke Hopkins. Do any of y'all have any college players that you see shades of another player in?
  9. No! He jumps in the defense pictures! He can't leave! In all seriousness, he seems like he loves it here. I wouldn't trade a proven QB who has bought in unless he wanted to be a starter elsewhere, especially with Andrew Luck one year removed from surgery.
  10. If it works even one of those times, we would've likely won. It's a boom or bust philosophy. Sunday was a big-time bust, but there will be games it helps us greatly. Plus, the players seem to like it.
  11. Maybe "full of ourselves" wasn't the right adjective. Lackadaisical? Trap-game candidate? I dunno
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