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  1. The line with Cook,Ehrmann, Barnes and Dutton was also excellent.
  2. Having been through labrum surgery on my throwing shoulder, I can’t pretend to feel totally confident in what we have seen in the post recovery process. My rehab was less than 6 months & I was in my early 50s (played in a senior baseball league). Im concerned the surgery may not have gone as smooth as expected.Later, after Luck experienced discomfort, the group thinking may have been to try the natural healing process, instead of additional surgery. Just a hunch but Luck may not be ready for the opening game.
  3. I had labrum surgery years ago on my throwing shoulder when I was in my 50s. Hurt the shoulder from baseball and lifting heavy weights. My recovery was much less than 6 months. This latest news is disturbing.
  4. When the colts load up on fast linebackers in the off season, this team will look much more competitive.
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