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  1. What is frustrating about watching the Colts defense is how often the OLBs abandon the edge and collapse, allowing Pryor around the corner. The reason it is frustrating is that they aren't likely going to catch the RB up the middle anyways. So why not just hold the edge?
  2. Once he running lanes are shut down and Kaep has to throw all the time, you will see the same guy he was in college. Very erratic.
  3. I would LOVE see Manning throw 51 TDs this year or more and get his record back from Brady! I know it is probably a long shot, but would be fun.
  4. One of the great passing games I have ever witnessed.
  5. Johnson was actually rated fairly highly by most analysts as far as his talent was concerned. Last year, Mike Mayock ranked Cam Johnson No. 50 among all players.
  6. I was disappointed in Holmes play when he did play. Too often he was stood up and moved backwards. Rarely did I see him move his guy. But it may be because he is rusty and just needs the reps. So we are stuck with Satele. Honestly, I think Kato Kailan would dominate Satele. Throw in McGlynn, and you have a horrid problem with your A and B gap to the right.
  7. So many times those "experts" haven't got a clue about what the Colts are doing or even what player are on the team. And many simply don't want a team from Indianapolis to be good. They would rather have Washington, NY, or a California team to do well. It's always been like that. If the Colts could do what they did last year with injuries, a weaker team, and system that probably wasn't the best thing for Luck, just imagine what they will do this year! I see a top 12 defense and a top 5 Offense and a first round playoff win at least.
  8. It does amaze me that the Raiders would deem Tyler Wilson not good enough to be on their active team, but start Pryor at QB. Tyler Wilson, if actually given time to develop, could actually be an NFL QB. Pryor is a joke. I remember they used to say about the Steelers that this is a team who thought John Unitas wasn't smart enough to be an NFL QB, so they cut him. Yet they had Terry Bradshaw as a QB. hahaahha
  9. I know this is the NFL and anything can happen, but I will be very surprised if the Colts don't have a very easy time with the Raiders. Terrelle Pryor is a terrible QB. The Raiders have very little talent on their team. And they don't the defensive talent to keep up with the Colts offense. I predict something like 31-17
  10. I like this practice squads potential. Over the years, it seems we always have fringe guys who never amount to anything. At least some of the guys we have now have the potential to be really good. Maybe they never will be. But would rather have guys on the PS who have potential to be really good then guys you pretty much know aren't going to be part of the team the next year.
  11. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000237343/article/andrew-luck-flying-under-radar-in-year-2-with-indianapolis-colts
  12. It would really suck if my boy Caesar Rayford is cut. I hope it is a safety.
  13. Always curious what numbers that players jump to after cuts. Like I wanted to see Caesar Rayford have a real LB number. Here is the notable changes I see: Rayford - 58 Montori Hughes - 94 Josh Chapman - 96 Khalil Holmes - 62
  14. I think if you look a Buffalo, they have a lot of young, promising WRs. Goodwin and Woods are rookies this year. Deep unit, I believe. So I wouldn't take that as a Rogers must not be good.
  15. I think it is fair to say the Bills have a LOT of young WR prospects on their team. So I don't take that as a shot against Rogers.
  16. I hoped the Colts would sign Rogers because of his ability and potential. If they could light a fire under him, he could be a good WR. I love that signing.
  17. I never understad I never really understand will come on a post just to get other people NOT to post. Isn't that the whole point of the forum? If people want to start the 10,000 thread of who is better RG3 or Luck, who cares!!!???!! Just don't go in that thread. And if people have strong opinions on the PS, who cares!??! Just let them talk. The good part is we always have a choice of which threads we want to read and which we wish to respond to
  18. Yeah, I agree with you there. Plus, Ijalana was cut, but Linkerbeast, who is a Polian pickup, was kept. Nevis was cut, but Matthews was kept.
  19. For anyone who enjoys breaking down plays more, this is an interest read. I go to the this site much for plays and ideas for the team I coach. http://smartfootball.com/offense/peyton-manning-and-tom-moores-indianapolis-colts-offense
  20. I think another point is that it is nice that not everything is about money. Sure, the NFL is business. So the more uniforms they can put out there, the more than can sell. So these teams changing their uniforms are big money. But it gets ridiculous. I live in Boise, Idaho. The BSU Broncos have a new uniform EVERY YEAR!!! I kid you not. Its all about making money. So people around here know what year their uniform is by the coloring. Stupid. I just don't know what the point of the Colts changing their uniform. Nor do I think it will happen. Jim Irsay is too big on the Colts tradition. The guy remembers being in training camp with John Unitas! As for black, that seems everyone is doing that. If the Colts do change their uniform, I expect something very subtle like the Cardinals change. Or the Vikings. But I hope the Colts, for the most part, always look the same. I think they have a timeless uniform. Oh, and the comment earlier someone saying the Patriots were around since 1971. Do you mean using the name New England? Because the Boston Patriots were an original AFL team in 1960. So the Colts are really only 8 years old than the Patriots.
  21. I can understand why you would feel that way. I think, speaking for myself, it was just disappointing to see Ijalana look promising as a rookie in his brief gameplay. Then go two years without really playing and the Colts hanging onto him. So it seems he is finally healthy and he hardly got to play in the preseason other than in cleanup. So I think for a team with obviously O-Line needs, it is disappointing to see a young, promising player cut. But there is one theory here. Maybe that was intentional. Maybe Pagano likes him but feels he is not fully recovered. So playing him litle, cutting him, and perhaps putting him on the PS would be easier. Who knows.
  22. I wanted to comment that I was really surprised and disappointed at Nevis being cut. That said, I do have faith in Grigson. And I don't think it has anything to do with Nevis being a Polian guy. Grigson made a point when he came in here to say he wanted good players and it would be stupid to get rid of players just for the sake of change. And I think his actions have backed that up. Clearly, in the grand scheme of things, they must feel that Nevis didn't work with what they envision on the defense. So I am 100% faith that in the end, this will work out good for both parties. I expect a much better defense from out Colts and I expect Nevis will be a good DT in a 4-3 defense.
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