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  1. Grigson has stated the draft is the way to build a team.  But we are, unfortunately, in a WIN NOW time.  Grigs can't afford 3-4 years of building.  He has to win now to see the fruit of his efforts.   So my guess will be he brings in veterans now, gets the team doing well, and eventually these players will be replaced with homegrown talent.  Polian did it as well when he first came in.  Not quite as much, but he did it.


    And as another person said, it is almost like Richardson is a draft pick.  22 yo potentially premier RBs are hard to come by.


    I think it is unfair to compare Grigs to Polian.  It is like comparing Luck to Manning.   Polian is arguably one of the greatest talent evaluators in NFL history.  Grigs has been a GM one year.  But hopefully someday we will put them at the same level.


    I love the trade!!!

  2. I will tell you what drove me crazy.  3rd and 1.  Pitch the ball to James/Addai/Insert Player 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage for 2 yard loss.  Geez, just give it to a Clark playing fullback. Do a quick hitter.  But NEVER pitch the ball that far to go that short.


    I for one would LOVE to have a balanced attack.  Pick up those short yardage situations.   Have a 1400 yard rusher again.  THAT is what wins Super Bowls. 

  3. I don't know where that thinking comes from that running is a bad thing.  Tell me how many times a pure passing team has won the Super Bowl?  Maybe the Packers a few years ago??  Every team that wins the Super Bowl is the team that in the playoffs runs and stops the runs better than the other teams.  So not sure why we want to throw 90% of the time.  Sure, Peyton won a lot of games.  But one Super Bowl.  We underachieved.   Had we ran better and stopped the run better, we would have had a few more rings.


    I love the trade.  Best RB we have had since James.

  4. Let's see. 


    We currently have a running back coming of a foot injury that is signed for 1 year. 


    We have another that is on the last year of his contract and probably won't be re-signed. 


    We have another that just blew up his knee and we have no idea how he'll be when he returns. 


    So we go out and grab a guy who was a top-5 pick and who could become our answer at RB for the next 6-7 years for a pick around what.....20th or so?  And some people are complaining? 


    Great post! You put it all in perspective!

  5. I am not feeling this.  Calling for the return of Bruce Arians?  It seems to me most fans wanted him gone, including me.  His offense was attacking but getting Luck killed.  I think we need some perspective on the season:


    1) We are 1-1, just like last year at this time.

    2) The Dolphins are a better team than they were last year.


    Pep Hamilton in the long run will be fine.  But we can't win every game.   I am a little frustrated with the lulls in offense but I am sure that will be fixed.

  6. I think what surprises me about Manusky is how telegraphed his defense is.  I admit I wasn't thrilled with his hire last year.  I know this defense needs time to jell.  Lack of pass rush is hurting.  We got heat today but much was from blitzing.

  7. - cut donald brown

    - start Hilton over DHB

    - start Whalen in the slot

    - trade for mikael leshoure (4th 2014) and start him at rb

    - fire pep

    - trade a 2nd rounder (2014) for Bruce Arians

    - replace pep with arians



    We would dominate. This would bring back the aggressive offense from last year but more polished. being a gm is not rocket science


    lol   This is pretty good.  Obviously, a joke right?  hahaha

  8. I know this isn't that case, but these first two weeks with the Colts, it seems for the first few drives, the Colts will go up and down the field and have a highly effectively offense.  Then, it changes to where they suddenly either get conservative or just throw a long ball to a covered guy.  Really long lulls in action.   It is too bad they aren't going more fast developing plays.  I know this is the No Coast offense, but in the west coast offense you normally have a lot of 3 step drop, quick passes.  I am not seeing that consistently.

  9. I totally agree. He is void of criticism on this board and people need to accept he didn't get it done today. Fleener was WIDE open for the go ahead TD and he missed him. Other way about with a Fleener drop and the board would explode...


    Man, you nailed that and it so sums it up.  If Fleener missed a play, there would be 5 threads calling him a bust and we should trade him.  If Luck throw the wrong way, it is the O-Line that messed up.  Luck is still a young QB.  He will be great but he is still learning.  I am sure he would be the first one to admit he makes mistakes.  

  10. I know it can go back and forth on this and we will never know who is right or wrong.  I could have to disagree with you.  I have heard it said that if we would have kept Peyton, we likely would have lost Wayne, Freeney, and Mathis.   Peyton is amazing and would have still made us competitive, but we would have had none of the free agents we got this year.   But obviously, the biggest advantage is two years from now when Peyton is probably retired and Luck is in his prime.  Long term, it makes more sense.


    But it is certain a valid argument either way, I think.   I am glad to see Peyton playing so well.  He is amazing.  I hope Luck develops Peytons ability to get rid of the ball quickly.

  11. I simply said Luck deserves some of the blame, not all :)  But I think we would be blind to think he is superman and everyone else is to blame.  I am sure as the year goes on he will get more comfortable.  I remember in Mannings 1st year he held the ball too longer.  2nd year, that ended.

  12. Andrew Luck will be a great player, but right now he holds the ball too long.  I know it is vogue to blame everything on Castonzo.  We all know McGlynn and Satele aren't good.   But you can't hold the ball that long on every play.  Yeah, teams are blitzing more.  Hit the hot read.   We have seen a pattern the last two weeks.  Blitz Luck up the middle and he struggles.  Maybe it is Peps play calling.  

  13. Castonzo is getting a bad rap.  We have an unsettled offensive line and a young QB who can hold the ball too long,  I think we have to be relative when talking about him.  If you put Castonzo on the 2005 Colts at Left Tackle he would probably be considered one of the best in the league?  Well, we ran the same offense every year, and Manning got rid of the ball so fast nobody could touch him.    At a left tackle, it is much easier to defend a QB you know is going to pretty much stay in the pocket and get rid of the ball fast.  Luck is not there right now.  And I don't blame him!  The A gaps are getting destroyed.   Once Luck gets more help from the interior and gets rid of the ball faster, Castonzo will look great :)

  14. Not to take anything away from Ballard who is a good young RB, but I think Bradshaw and Brown can do just fine.  Bradshaw his a similar RB to Ballard.  And Brown is completely different.  Throw in Williams.  Maybe sign Delone Carter if needed.  But these guys are better than someone they can trade with.

  15. That is too bad a great QB like Fran would say that.   I don't live in Baltimore or Indy, but have been a Colts fan since 1975.  I wish Fran and any other people who spew that stuff would look at the facts of why the Colts left.  Robert Irsay was pretty out there, but I think most owners who were threatened with eminent domain would have moved too.


    Jim Irsay has ran a first class organization since he took over.   Even though he grew up in the business, he was smart enough to put football guys in charge and let them run the show.   So I think Fran's comments are way off base.


    Now, on a side note, I hope Jim Irsay settles down on the Tweets criticizing the play of the team.  I know it is his team, but I think that stuff should be left to private conversations.  I don't want him to be in the Al Davis, Jerry Jones, Daniel Snyder class :)

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