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  1. I dont see it having much affect. I don't personally via Sanchez as one of the top 10 QBs in the league, so the affects will be minimal in my opinion
  2. Painter is looking really, really bad. I am not one to have to have attacked him, but he is playing bad. Another thing I doon't really get in the play calling. The Colts rarely even offer any threat of a run. Mostly in shotgun throwing the ball. What good does it do to get a better offensive line if you never run. I really was hoping to see pounding the ball behind Castonza and Reitz
  3. Where does this stuff come from? Two years ago we went to the Super Bowl. Last year, we were destroyed by injuries and still made the playoffs. So now we bring back pretty much the same core team, the injuried players are back, and we had a terrific draft. I expect that Colts to be better then ever. Not sure what he is talking about.
  4. I don't think a prime Walter Payton could gain yards behind the line over the last few years.
  5. hahahaha. This cracked me up!!! I can't wait to see the wind come out of the Ron Mexico aka Vick bandwagon again this season once defenses play him that he either runs or throws a long ball and cant read a blitz. Bye..Bye... They will be wishing Kevin Kolb was still there.
  6. You are correct. Diem originally played right guard, then moved into right tackle. So he can play either.
  7. Tepper is #67. I am really interested in the lineman, so I just keep rewatching plays on the offensive and defensive lines, trying to evaluate each player. Then when I got to Tepper, I noticed he was really driving his guys in run blocking. On the final run by Darren Evans, notice he pulled out and landed a block, so he has some mobility as well. I went back and read about him a bit. The Colts signed him to a 3 year contract. He was a good tackle in college, but is considered more of a guard now. But, at least in this game, he got far better drive then DeVan or Pollack. Again, he is playing against lesser guys, but looked good. In fact, he and Kirkpatrick looked very good working side by side. The Colts actually averaged like 4.8 ypc in that game. I think the Colts use the preseason more effectively then most teams, as they really get alot of players in different positions to evaluate. Like notice Pollack moving around. Or DeVan. They throw up all these different configurations. Doesn't win the game, but really lets them pinpoint who can do what. Defensively, Ogbu is very quick of the ball.
  8. Mike Tepper played really well. I think he will make the team. I know, just one game, but he can move a pile.
  9. I have watched the game three times now, just trying to break down the line play. One guy who really impressed was Mike Tepper. Now, I realize he is going against backups. But he really gets a good push in the running game. Both runs by Evans the end were from Tepper blocks. If you get a chance, rewatch his game and see him really push people backwards. If he keeps moving people like that as he plays against better competition, I think he makes the team
  10. I liked the points you make here and agree with you. I honestly don't think the Painter and Sorgi are that bad of QBs. I honestly think if either was in NE, they would look great. The offense we run depends on precision that possibly few people can run. So unless we developer more a running game, we will also be pretty much Peyton or bust
  11. It is always hard to judge Colt RBs over the last five years or so, because they have very little help in the blocking department. Look what Evans did at the end of the game with a little blocking. I think Brown would do the same. But I do like Evans potential. I hope it ends up Addai, Brown, Carter, and Evans
  12. I think Ogbu had a really good push too. He is very quick off the ball. Nevis was a beast.
  13. Might be the case, but I thought Evans ran with conviction, which is good.
  14. I know I might be bashed for this, but the only thing that really bugs me sometimes is I feel the Colts offensive philosophy is so bland and predictable. I even heard it say by a Patriot linebacker that the Colt offense is not hard to figure out. The problem is they execute it so well, there is often times there is not much you can do about it. I think when Peyton isn't playing, it underscores that point. Look at the Patriots, on the other hand. Brady, Hoyer, Cassel. Doesn't matter. They all play like all pros. Why? Their offense. They are always mixing things up, throwing in new wrinkles. Now, I know somebody will say we when more games then anyone. I agree. A lot of that is Manning. I do wonder if he had a coach like a Sean Payton, who seems to always have some new wrinkle, how things would work. I think Manning would be ever better. Now, I know that is my opinion and no facts back it up. But just notice sometime how often Manning has to be deadly accurate just to move the ball, where other teams don't have such a small window for success.
  15. Honestly, I was very impressed with him. For having so few practices, I thought he was far better than Linkenbach. I saw some pass protecting and run blocking where he completely dominated. I am very encouraged
  16. Good Nevis, Ogbu, Castonza, Ijalana, and Evans. Bad Linebackers Nate Davis
  17. Yeah, you have to really zone in on individual players. I am sure that is why they have been so successful over the years.
  18. Well, I honestly think Curtis Painter would play well on the Patriots. They are similar to the 49ers of the 90s, where you could use Young, Bono, Grbac, or anyone else and they would look like a Pro Bowler. The Patriots have a great system that allows a QB to look very good. Brian Hoyer looks outstanding.
  19. I like your breakdown here as you nailed it pretty good. I do hope that Darrent Evans actually makes it over Spann, just because of the size and upside
  20. Yeah, I totally understand the frustration. They haven't been perfect. I, like probably every other Colt fan, get so frustrated that for the last few years the offensive line is just pretty weak at run blocking. Or the DT position seems to get run over. But I think there was a good post on this. Having someone like Pat Williams sounds good on paper, but I am not sure if it would work. As stated, the DEs play wide and attack the passer. So often, run plays are hitting that B gap between the guard and tackle. Now, if the defensive tackle gets no penetration, there is a huge hole in that gap. Also, just another point. Look at how kick returners we have tried have worked on other teams. Remember Courtney Roby? He was great for the Saints and could do nothing with Indy. The makeup of our players are great for offensive and defensive, not so good for special teams.
  21. For any fans who are ticked at Bill Polian, I have a good prescription for that. Go back and read some of the Robert Irsay moments. Like I remember reading that he came into the lockerroom and gave kicker Toni Linhart a raise after he missed some fields goals, then cut him like two days later. For inept drafting, pretty much, from 1978-1993. Or look at Jim Irsay (great owner!) being the GM. Some of his great trades, like two #1 picks for Fredd Young. Or trading so much to select Jeff George. Or how about Bill Tobin, who did have some good moments. Be he is also the GM the basically forced Marcibroda out by offering a one year contract and brought in two many ex-Bears who couldn't play besides Harbaugh. Just go relieve all the moments between Joe Thomas and Bill Polian, and you will likely appreciate Bill Polian more. I have heard it said that without Peyton Manning, this team is not likely in Indy anymore and they win 6 games. I disagree. If Peyton Manning magically was never on the Colts, Bill Polian would have gotten someone to play well. If he can get to the NFC Title game with Kerry Collins, I am sure he would have still put together a pretty good team and they would do well. Likely not as good as what Manning has done. But I think Bill Polian is one of the most important members the Colts franchise has EVER had. You would have to live through the bad times to appreciate him more, I think.
  22. I much prefer Coyer being out DC, but I will admit I don't undertand the 3 man rush sometimes. It completely negates the pass rush and gives the QB far too much time to pass. He blitzes are good.
  23. Well, the poster did say your favorite Colt, not the more talented. QB - Peyton Manning, John Unitas,Bert Jones RB - Marshall Faulk, Lydell Mitchell, Curtis Dickey, Roosevelt Potts FB - Randy McMillian, Norm Bulaich WR - Marvin Harrison, Billy Brooks, Roger Carr, Raymond Berry (new saw him play, but tapes) TE - Ken Dilger, John Mackey, Dallas Clark OT - George Kunz, Jim Mills, Tarik Glenn, Will Wolford OG - Steve McKinney, Ken Huff, Chris Hinton C - Jeff Saturday, Ray Donaldson DE - Fred Cook, Dwight Freeney, John Dutton, Gino Marchetti DT - Tony Siragusa, Mike Barnes, Tony McCoy OLB - Duane Bickett, Vernon Maxwell (for one year), Stan White MLB - Mike Curtis, Ed Simonimi CB - Ray Buchanon, Lloyd Mumford S - Nesby Glasgow, Bob Sanders P - Rohn Stark K - Mike Vanderjagt KR - Joe Washington Coach - Ted Marchibroda
  24. I would take Addai/Brown over Spann any day. They play behind a horrid offensive line. Look at how Jarvis-Green and Woodhead do with the Patriots offensive line, and Addai and Brown are much better than them, in my opinion. Brown is a slasher line Robert Smith of the Vikings was. But he needs a hole. He is not Alan Ameche. I think with the rookies and second year guys developing, over the next two years we will have three very good RBs in Addai, Brown, and Carter.
  25. Yeah, it is out there. Hard to say because Morrall also hit Hill right over the middle the goalline and he messed it up and it got intercepted, which was not on Morrall. What is frustrating about that game is that the Colts, in the first half, moved the ball at will. They just kept messing up. I know as a Colts fan this sounds biased, but I do believe if they played 10 more times, the Colts win all 10 times. They were a better team. They just screwed up.
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