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  1. I think all players who want to win above everything should always feel this way. If you get beat out because a guy is slightly more talented, that is a good thing because it helps the team win. I think guys like Antonio Brown get * because they care more about their self than the team winning. Walker knows the talent the team has, and if another guys takes some snaps from him, so be it, its for the good of the team. You just have to keep at it and be ready for when your number is called. The coaching staff will keep guys around that have that mindset, have the other one and start sulking because your PT is diminished and that is a quick way to get the boot.
  2. New England is also known for making smart moves. Not saying releasing him was a bad idea, but when they grab someone up, it makes me think they see something other teams and us over looked. If they didn't win so damn much it wouldn't mean anything. But when they do stuff like sign a Josh Gordon, when we could've, it makes me think "they know when to make the right moves to get their team over the edge" They aren't always right, but they dont risk much, and they seem to get it right more often than they get it wrong.
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