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  1. Why wouldnt you want McCoy over Muhammad though??? https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/player/al-quadin-muhammad-25651/career-stats https://www.statmuse.com/nfl/player/gerald-mccoy-13472/career-stats I know it's a small sample size from Muhammad, but look at the sacks the McCoy gets consistently. Last year was a down year for him and he still got 5. Obviously Muhammad could improve, but they key word is could. I would go with a proven guy more than the upside guy.
  2. I saysign them both to 1 year mercenary deals. Less base with lots of incentives. Something like 8 mil guaranteed, 2 mil for 8+ sacks. 4 mil for a Super Bowl appearance. Maybe some other incntives like a mil for 16 games played.
  3. I have been banging the Suh drum for weeks. I think he is the better player on the field. McCoy seems like a great locker room presence, and still talented. I would be happy signing either, but would prefer Suh. I could see Ballard going with McCoy over Suh based on the all the variables. I know some of you probably think we shouldn't sign either. Would you guys like to sign McCoy, Suh, or neither?
  4. I know cap space is for players and not coaches and GM's. Spending what you are allowed too to have the best chance to win is trying your hardest. Going into a season with an extra 50 mil left over tells me that you are not willing to do whatever it takes to win. You added a lot of your own dumb opinions to my comment, I never said Irsay only has 50 mil, and dont know how you read it that way. I also never said anyone is going to give Ballard billions. My point was simple, the Colts dont spend up to or exceed the salaray cap, which equals doing whatever it takes to win. When it comes down to pay Ballard, there will be teams willing to exceed what the Colts will be willing to pay him. Look at the Raiders and Gruden (not saying that was smart) but they were willing to spend 10 mill per year for their guy. I don't ever expect to see that happening here. If Ballard is getting offered 3-4 mil per year, year after year to go elsewhere, while making 1.5 or so here, he won't turn it down forever. You can believe it if you want too, but I don't believe for 1 second that an owner/business man is not going to have a say about how his money is spent. That's just stupid.
  5. The one who gets the edge, can change play to play. You can use either one or both depending on the situation, and which play you run. Both are talented at what they do, and don't do the same things. Kind of like comparing the Sam and Will LB's, same position, but not exactly. How about this: Ebron is the Carl-TE (catch) Doyle is the Bob-TE (block)
  6. Irsay has +50 mil in cap space sitting there to spend on players to win this year, and he's not. I'm not so sure he will throw the bank at Ballard as much as you seem to think.
  7. Curious if all of you guys saw the video of Montez Sweat getting drafter???? Thoughts???? I liked trading back, and I really liked it after I came across that. This guy's commentary is pretty good too if this is the same video....
  8. Ill be honest, I dont know enough about Willis to speculate, but I am a huge Farley fan. He makes an impact when he is in there. He makes crucial, winning plays. I have liked him more than Geathers for awhile now, a lot to do with availability, but talent wise I think he is right there with him too. I think Farley has a better football IQ for sure.
  9. Thanks for sharing this. I agree with Ballard that we are fortunate to have him. I was not aware of this guy. "Is he a character risk and, if so, what can we do to help this player be who he needs to be?" Curious to here his thoughts on Suh based on this line.
  10. I'm sure most of you have seen or will see this article from Stampede Blue, but the author seems to share my same opinion on Suh. He makes a great point that I hadn't thought about, grabbing up Suh so another AFC team, particularly the Patriots can't. I could totally see him going there and going to the SB. The article says that per Pro Football Focus, Suh was the 20th ranked interior D lineman last year. I don't have a suscription, but if someone does I would be curious to see who our highest player was, and where they ranked on that list. I'm guessing it was behind Suh. He also touches on the nastiness Suh can bring. We all love Big Q and his nastiness, don't you want some of that in the trenches on D? https://www.stampedeblue.com/2019/5/13/18617120/is-there-much-ado-about-the-colts-and-ndamukong-suh
  11. Just watched Devin Funchess's highlights and I had to come back to change my vote. I think he might be the one I am now most excited for. That dude is TALENTED and BIG. We haven't had a big target like that in awhile, not that can reliably catch the ball at least. Dude has Damian Heyward Bay size, but actually makes catches, which is fairly important. Plus he seems pretty damn quick, looked it up and he ran a 4.47 40 on his draft profile. and, I like the fact that he doesn't seem bothered by contact, and lowered his head and shoulder on quite a few plays getting him extra yardage or the TD.
  12. I think all players who want to win above everything should always feel this way. If you get beat out because a guy is slightly more talented, that is a good thing because it helps the team win. I think guys like Antonio Brown get * because they care more about their self than the team winning. Walker knows the talent the team has, and if another guys takes some snaps from him, so be it, its for the good of the team. You just have to keep at it and be ready for when your number is called. The coaching staff will keep guys around that have that mindset, have the other one and start sulking because your PT is diminished and that is a quick way to get the boot.
  13. My picks as well. Agree with the OP that I would prefer to see Campbell as number 2. @ burners on the outside that you can beat Ds either way over the top. We have a short route targets in Ebron and Doyle, as well as Funch. Dont know enough about him, but being a bigger guy it seems to make sense to use him to challenge the middle of the field and short outs. I think Rock Ya-Sin is going to over exceed peoples expectations. Banogu looks promising as well.
  14. I have to assume by this, your stance is not to pick him up? I am still saying we should. Just my opinion though. If we don't pick him up then we won't know if it was a good idea. If we do, I hope I don't eat my words. He was signed by the Rams last year because they had super bowl aspirations. He made an impact and they made it. This year, we are looking poised to make one of those runs. The cap space, need at interior Dline, and his production and still bening available just seems to be a no brainer to me. I guess I don't value culture over talent as much as others here and the coaching staff. I can't read the whole article unless I subscribe BTW but looks interesting.
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