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  1. I’m starting to believe one or more of the following is true: 1. I am an * who knows nothing about building an NFL team. 2. Ballard is an * who knows nothing about building an NFL team. I hope like hell that the obvious is true and I’m the *, but right now I struggle to imagine anything but another round of a Colts QB getting his butt beaten. We already know how Wentz responds when that happens. We are certainly beyond the realm of drafting OL help for the next few years in this draft. My only guess is the Colts believe that quality offensive linemen will
  2. Justifiably so. Came way too close to getting beaten twice by both the Jags and Texans. Relying on Reich to come up with a game plan to beat Buffalo is a guaranteed loss. 17-6 at the half, and 31-13 final, with the TD coming in the last 3 minutes with Buffalo playing soft. IMO, Reich is a really good head coach, but a really poor game coach.
  3. There were fans at Jacksonville. More than 16000 IIRC.
  4. So did Jacksonville have a pre-season? If they are better prepared with the same time and conditions, that says our coaching staff failed.
  5. I find this article pretty insightful about Bill https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jan/29/bill-belichick-new-england-patriots-strategy-nfl-super-bowl-liii Playing in a league full of copycat speed over bulk defenses, you develop an offense that is designed to pound a lightweight defense. With an offensive line (including blocking tight ends) and backfield that can put it to you down after down, you tire out the defense, dominate possession and score some. When they cover your receivers, you pound it to them. When they stack the box, you still pound it to them, pick up some yar
  6. First Colts game I’ve watched in two years. From what I’d read online, I assumed things had changed. No defense, no running game and unable to protect the ball. Same old same old.
  7. I don't really think any program like an NFL team is built or rebuilt with a plan. Plans are fine on day one, but things change, opportunities arise and bad luck knocks you down. You may have a plan for a draft, a plan for a game or a plan for getting players under contract, but long-term plans are probably a waste of time. I'd describe it more of having a philosophy about putting together a team. That philosophy would include things like what defense to run, where to spend money vs. where to develop, what kind of position you need to be in to dump some money on a big time free age
  8. While it was certainly fun to watch the Colts put up a respectable defense, I'm not going all-in on them yet. AP is truly one of the best ever, and he did have a great game last week, but doing it every week is a bigger challenge at his age than it used to be. I guess if I knew how to recognize the magical piece that turns a mediocre defense into a good defense quickly (See 2006) I'd be a DC someplace.
  9. The more I think about Chuck, ...the more I think he was born to be anything but a head coach. An authoritarian head coach with a player’s coach like Chuck on the staff would be the best of both worlds. I wish him the very best in the future, but I’m glad he’s not the Indy HC anymore.
  10. I watched a defensive back stop running right before his man caught a pass two weeks ago. I waive him during the post game press conference. The fact that the Colts get blown out in the second half is proof they don’t have any heart. The only way to get a team with heart is to waive the players who give up. When you let them keep playing, you create a team of losers.
  11. I expect them to lose, but not look like incompetent losers while doing it. McCoy ran at will. The D did pack it up and quit. Firing Pagano is treating his utter incompetence with too much respect. They should have security escort him out of the stadium. Then start waiving players who don’t want to play. Pagano has infected this team with a losing attitude and allowing the source of the infection to stay is the wrong thing to do.. I’d be happy to seee the entire offense waived other than Gore. Let him go and find a team that deserves his effort and talent. First offens
  12. Pathetic excuse for a football team. Every damned one of them should be fired and made to find their own way home.
  13. All about expectations. Manning expected the rest of the team to do their jobs precisely. You can't play at the highest level wondering if your receivers are going to run the route right, if your linemen are going to block right or the running back is going to pick up the blitzer. You have to expect them to do their jobs and coaches have to hold them to it.
  14. Manning was a shotgun specialist, but he was so in tune with his receivers that if you blitzed him he had open receivers right behind you. They all knew what to do if they saw a blitz coming, and the players and the organization had no patience for a receiver who didn't. You can keep a team from blitzing by having a running game or the Manning short pass erzatz running game that forces teams to play honest defense.
  15. If I had to put money on it, I'd disagree with the first name on your list. I'm afraid that one is going to be Jacoby Brissett rather than Andrew Luck. I'm betting April 26th will tell the tale on 12's long term prospects, but my gut is not liking the way things are going.
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