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  1. OK, so I got the score wrong, but I did have a feeling the Colts were going to win this game!
  2. Great game overall by Jacoby, determined running by Mack, game of the season so far for the defense, and brilliant game plan by Frank!
  3. I thought Mack got the first down twice and the refs said no both times!
  4. KC just totally disrespected our defense and paid the price for it!
  5. Let's hope the refs don't help them score here on a long drive aided by numerous penalties on the defense!
  6. No timeouts could come back to bite us but we needed that timeout right there!
  7. They won't overturn it because they are too stubborn and prideful....but no way would that ever be called on KC, GB, Dallas, or the Patriots!
  8. Reich is calling a masterful game....if the Colts can pull this off it will be the biggest win of the day!
  9. Cain tends to disappear in games....not sure if he isn't getting open or they just aren't looking his way?
  10. Winning this game could really give this young team a ton of confidence!
  11. I would like to see the Colts use Cain's speed in the second half. Have him run across the field more and run he and TY both deep a few times!
  12. Just remember it and hope they make the same call on the Colts later in the game. I'm fine with the call as long as they are consistent!
  13. I'll take 3...now come out and score 7 in your first drive after the half!
  14. I'll say it again....Jacoby is having a hell of a game tonight!
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