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  1. See a stupid comment like that from a "fan" is what ruins it for everyone else. What you fail to realize is that sure during the contract extension he was in "pain" and to your words "wasn't that bad", because it feels manageable and you feel like it will go away. Fast forward three years later, the contract extension that he signed by you before the shoulder, surgery, and multiple rehabs, is still there. That changes your perspective and if you can't slightly understand that then anything you have to say on the subject doesn't matter.
  2. Everyone thought before camp he was going to be healthy. Even after the injury coaches, players, the owner, even Andrew believed it was minor and was nothing more than a week. Its spanned over 2+ months since. So now you want them to be fortune tellers too? Yeah okay.
  3. People are on here acting like he isn't a human being because he gets paid millions of dollars. The post game interview, he stated that over the past 4 years hes been dealing with pain during the season and throughout the offseason and continuously rehabbing. I'm sure these same people can hardly get through a whole day with a headache, let alone 4 years of continual pain and rehabbing. You act like you know this mans life and how he feels and everything should be okay because of money? Nah that ain't it. I'd bet that 99% of people that are in pain all the time would trade all the money in the world to be pain free.
  4. It always confuses me that "pro scouts" say these safeties lack speed, but the best safeties in the league right now all ran similar 40's to what Willis ran. I'm not betting against Ballard. Hope the pick turns out to be a future long-term starter.
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