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  1. See a stupid comment like that from a "fan" is what ruins it for everyone else. What you fail to realize is that sure during the contract extension he was in "pain" and to your words "wasn't that bad", because it feels manageable and you feel like it will go away. Fast forward three years later, the contract extension that he signed by you before the shoulder, surgery, and multiple rehabs, is still there. That changes your perspective and if you can't slightly understand that then anything you have to say on the subject doesn't matter.
  2. Everyone thought before camp he was going to be healthy. Even after the injury coaches, players, the owner, even Andrew believed it was minor and was nothing more than a week. Its spanned over 2+ months since. So now you want them to be fortune tellers too? Yeah okay.
  3. People are on here acting like he isn't a human being because he gets paid millions of dollars. The post game interview, he stated that over the past 4 years hes been dealing with pain during the season and throughout the offseason and continuously rehabbing. I'm sure these same people can hardly get through a whole day with a headache, let alone 4 years of continual pain and rehabbing. You act like you know this mans life and how he feels and everything should be okay because of money? Nah that ain't it. I'd bet that 99% of people that are in pain all the t
  4. It always confuses me that "pro scouts" say these safeties lack speed, but the best safeties in the league right now all ran similar 40's to what Willis ran. I'm not betting against Ballard. Hope the pick turns out to be a future long-term starter.
  5. I tend to not like players in college that can't get separation and make most of their catches on 50/50 balls. Separation is key in the NFL and although winning 50/50 balls is nice, you're going to lose them more often than not. Size is a plus, but if available AJ Brown would be nice. Runs the cleanest routes probably of the top 5 and is able to separate and has good hands.
  6. I never assume, but not having Jaire Alexander for DB's is criminal.
  7. Essentially, you want the left side to be more athletic to be suited for pass blocking because its the QB's blindside because most are right handed. The right side in turn becomes more of the run blocking side because they're "less athletic" and don't move as well laterally, etc than the left. The transition from right to left and vice-versa for guard is less intense and more seamless than for tackles because you have an open side.
  8. Hey guys, I don't post here often, but try and do a mock once a year just because I get bored. Round 1 Pick 6: Bradley Chubb EDGE 6'4'' 269 lbs NC State I think he still makes it to us at 6. I assume 3 QB's go top 3 and then Barkley and Nelson at 4 and 5. Not much to say here that hasn't been said here, elsewhere, and what hes shown on tape and at the combine. Fills a major need. Round 2 Pick 36: Isaiah Oliver DB 6'1'' 190 lbs Colorado Excellent size, long arms, and good speed. He ran a 4.50 at the combine. Plays press really well and is rangy. I think he can
  9. What makes me sad is I wanted us to draft Landon Collins two years ago, but Grigson drafted Dorsett instead. Having Collins might of changed how we drafted, but thinking about Davis, Wilson, Collins, and Hooker would of been nice. Great pick though.
  10. Looks like we're targeting bigger bodied WR's probably cause we're so weak in the red zone. Our biggest wideout for red zone is Moncrief and he is hardly a throw it up high and let him go get it type of guy.
  11. I wanted the Colts to pull the trigger on guys like Tyrann Mathieu and Janoris Jenkins when they fell due to off field issues. So I wouldn't mind.
  12. Just got bored at work and wanted to a quick mock FA/Draft as of 3/15/17. I didn't get to do a TON of research, but I did the most I could with the limited time I had. Let the roasting begin! :] Free Agents: Zach Brown ILB: 4 years 32 mill 20 mill guaranteed Dontari Poe DT: 1 year 10 mill Draft: Round 1 #15: Forrest Lamp OG 6'4'' 309 lbs Western Kentucky We weren't able to address the right side of our O-Line this offseason by missing on Zeitler and Lang. I don't think there is another prospect here that I REALLY like unless Solomon Thomas drops into the mid to
  13. Kevin Zeitler is a name that no one has been talking about that I think we should go after to solidify the o-line. Honestly if Eric Berry were to become available he would held out our secondary tremendously. There are just a lot of needs at a lot of places, most notably pass rush, but I don't see any ones good enough for us to pick up this off-season. Trumaine Johnson may come at a discount after having a poor season.
  14. This makes me seem like a terrible fan, but I think its better if we keep losing. We're not going to win the Super Bowl with this team. We need so much help on both side of the ball. I see teams like the Cowboys and the Falcons who had a decent team, but under performed and got to use some high draft picks I think we need the same. It's just unfortunate Luck is good enough to cover enough to get us a decent record.
  15. Yes, from contending, but we're about half a defense and half an o-line away from being able to threaten elite teams for a Super Bowl.
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