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  1. I got 3 jersey's...people in my family know I'm a Colts fan: 1 Andrew Luck white jersey 1 Pat McAfee blue jersey 1 Coby Fleener blue jersey I also got a Andrew Luck pennant and a mini-Andrew Luck fathead.
  2. I live in Indiana and subscribe to Sports Illustrated, and I got the Manning cover.
  3. I have a few Colts jerseys...more then a few Manning ones. I just grab whatever player I feel like wearing for each week. I think it's going to be unrealistic to expect everyone to not wear their Manning jerseys anymore. To me, telling people not to wear them is in a sense saying stop embracing the past. I think the past...Manning...is the exact reason why the Colts are still here for the future...Luck.
  4. Why's he dumb? Not everyone is going to prefer Luck over Griffin. There are going to be some who prefer Griffin to Luck. And Favre did play for how long? So, maybe he sees things that the average fan doesn't see when it comes to these two.
  5. I would have to say: Peyton Brees Rodgers Brady Eli He's not in the Elite status, but I would have to give a heck of a lot credit to Jay Cutler. He's really not as bad as a lot of people put him out to be. I would say Cutler and Ben R. is above average for QB's. I think Alex Smith from the 49ers is a pretty decent QB. Along with Flacco. I'd have to see more than one season of Cam Newton's play before even thinking about putting him the same categories as some of these QB's.
  6. I have to wonder if these same players defending the guilty parties would be singing the same tune had they been on the receiving end of the bounty hits.
  7. I think it's a funny thing that team's draft picks have to be twisted around to fit pre-conceived notions regarding players on other teams. I'm sure that a lot of people are saying that they find it funny and strange that the Colts have to surround Luck with two of his favorite targets from Stanford.
  8. And Luck hasn't been? I've heard more hype about Luck then I have RGIII. As far as RGIII being smug? I watched him after he was drafted. He was happy...extremely happy...just like Luck was. If that was RGIII acting smug, then Luck acted just as smug as RGIII did. I don't hate Luck, I wish the kid the best. But I also don't see the need to tear down RGIII either. Irsay took the one the Colts fans would of drawn and quartered him for not taking...do we really need to tear down RGIII as well?
  9. I think it's a little unfair to be calling this kid a bust before he even plays a snap in the NFL. Is he going to be an elite QB? Who knows. No one knows. You can't even honestly say Luck is going to be one before he even plays an NFL game. I say we just let these young men play first, then pass judgment on the kind players they are. Wasn't Cam Newton labeled a bust before he was drafted?
  10. If they can claim he ignored them, that means they had knowledge that it was still going on. To me, all the speeches Payton gave about how he regretted it and how he takes responsibility for it is now all in vain. Just comes across as empty words.
  11. I think they'll be lucky if they take either Luck OR Griffin. And if they take Griffin, he should be supported every bit as much as those who love Luck would have supported Luck. I think more with Luck, the standards and expectations are being too far built up for him that anything less then even a play off run is going to be disappointing. And I'm not considering either one of them nor am I calling either one...especially Luck...the Colts QB until after one of them is actually drafted to the team.
  12. Is Payton even allowed to be in on anything regarding the Saints while under suspension?
  13. As much as I dislike the Patriots, I have to say without any hesitation the Bounty System is much worse then Spygate. With Spygate no one was physically hurt. With the Bounty System, there was intent to hurt someone. To me, it shouldn't even be up for debate...the Bounty System is by far much worse.
  14. According the email I just got from NFL.com, the Jets traded two draft picks for Tebow. Seriously, is he worth it for the Jets to give up 2 draft picks to get him?
  15. Betty27_1

    The Horror

    From what I've read from other Broncos fans, they've said the player who had #18 has given his permission for Peyton to wear it. It's my understanding the only way they can unretire it is if the player who wore it gives his permission.
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