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  1. Where’s Ford, Jones, & Houston? Worn out from the first half time of possession ?
  2. Finally some pressure. One more time please b
  3. Now KC needs to win the toss and go kill em. Don’t pull a Saints & give it away.
  4. Let’s have both championship games go to OT.
  5. I wonder what the Patriots record is with Clete Blakeman as the referee?
  6. You gotta have it when it hits the ground. He never had it.
  7. Gotta get some pressure make him throw it off schedule.
  8. Mahomes & Reid are stupid. Put a dang drive together.
  9. Reid & Mahomes gotta go win it. Let’s see if they get the calls.
  10. Brady will sneak this one. Can Jones blow it up?
  11. They call if for Brady but not Mahomes... wasn’t even to the face or head.
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