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    fishing ,movies,music of various genre's . Women of course . History . Politics to some extent especially this year .Food. Philosophy.

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  1. According to NFL.com Ramczyk and Lamp are both rated 6.2. Most experts agree that Tackle is harder to find than a Guard which is why Guard's are rarely taken in the first round. Mel Kiper has the Colts selecting Ramczyk with pick 15. Again, I would prefer defense but I can see a case for going OT. I'm not certain that Clark is a definite starter.
  2. How do you feel about .... *Ryan Ramczyk OT 1 Wisconsin rJr 6-6 310 1 Latest projection for the Colts in the first round. Mckinley stock is falling apparently due to shoulder surgery. We do need help at Right Tackle. This guy is a plug and play pick. I'm still in favor of going defense but this guy would be a lock to start for the next 10 years.
  3. I watch the show sometimes but it does seem to lack something. Perhaps more interviews with the GM. How about Colts 'Audible' for a new name. It's a double entendre obviously. To hear or to change a play at the line of scrimmage. I guess that's pretty lame but it's just a thought.
  4. Let's offer the GM position to Mel Kiper . What the heck . Kiper deserves a shot ...doesn';t he ? He'd probably turn it down but he did grow up a Colts fan ,albeit in Baltimore .
  5. At this point I think I'd take Tony Dorsett over Phillip Dorsett .
  6. He'd just say " iron sharpens iron " or " then what now what " . Oh yeah, maybe " lets win won for the gipper ' .(oops wrong quote ) .
  7. I can see the headline now... , Browns win super bowl !
  8. My fault . I meant that he is condescending towards the local media at times . The main thing is I think were just all sick of him . Are there any Grigson fans left ?
  9. I think Mr. Grigson sounds more condescending when talking with the national media rather than the local pundits .
  10. I know you said " this isn't what I signed up for " but you've got to play anyway .
  11. This is so sad but true . Isn't that pathetic , I mean out of all those free agents almost all of them were busts even though he paid megabucks to bring them here ,.
  12. Are the NFL ratings down this year due to the reduction of violent hits ?
  13. Well he was a second round pick for Tenn. in (2011) but he only has one sack in his career , I believe I don't see any better options at the moment . He does have some experience too.h by TEN
  14. I like the new way much better . I think it was inspired by the Brett Farve game in the playoffs . I guess there were thousands of fans that were disappointed with the finish of the game .
  15. I recorded the game so I might just watch it again and look for that play. I really like this guys size and he must be athletic to get low enough to send that guy airborne . You know he used to play for the Titans .
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