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  1. I have a Clark, several Mannings and a throwback white Reggie, and a #4 Jim Harbaugh. My dad has a Stokely, Sanders, Manning, and a David Thornton.
  2. Doesn't it make you wish we still had 18??? Sorry to bring it up.. I'm all for Luck but hearing Irsay say we are a few years off is ridiculous if you have 18. He took us to the SB with 17 of the 21 starters on last years team. D and ST will be much improved. If we had 18 each and every one of us would have legitimate SB hopes for this season. I'm still sad I guess. sigh.
  3. I will absolutely root for Denver as my 2nd team now. What is a franchise if not for it's players? I grew up liking the Colts because I had roots there, but I grew to love them because of the class of the organization, it's players, and fans. Peyton is my favorite athlete of all time, and the logo on the helmet doesn't change that. I am obviously deeply saddened by the situation, but to say that he is the enemy now because he's no longer a Colt is ridiculous. Watching them play each other next season will be miserable for me. I bleed blue, but I've never respected or been as attached to an athlete like I have Peyton. Go 18, go Colts.
  4. I always thought nothing was impossible for Peyton, so if he wants to go to the 49ers AND have a Manning bowl, he'll make it happen.
  5. I'm pulling for AZ. I've got two close friends who are DIEHARD Broncos fans and they do not want Peyton in the least. The line they keep using is "I don't know why we'd pay so much for a backup QB". They are sold on Tebow and want to see that develop. Although, for all the crap they've given me the last 10 years, it would be hilarious to see Manning throwing to Wayne and Clark in Broncos jerseys and watching my buddies have to deal with that. Poetic justice.
  6. Anyone with a DVR rewind to 7:39 pm after the charge and look behind coach K to his left. Am I crazy or do I see Tom Moore in the crowd?
  7. I have no doubt he'll be back next year if healthy, but I do worry about the next offseason and the one after that as long as Luck is here. There will always be that push to let Luck start. Hopefully Peyton plays like old Peyton so there's no question who should be the starter until he retires.
  8. I'm getting kind of tired of people saying this team isn't a contender. I seem to remember us playing in the SB 2 years ago with much of the same roster, and in spite of Jim Caldwell. With a healthy 18 anything is possible and I as well hope he comes back and proves he is the GOAT.
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