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  1. sreeb2deeni

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    If signing Bell is possible, I think you have to really think about it. If he wants a long term deal with huge money, then no. If he wants huge money and will take less term, I would go for it. Winning the Super Bowl is all that matters. If we significantly improve our offense with Bell, why not go for it on a short term deal? He could be the answer to our pass blocking issues from the RB position and the answer to our screen pass success. Plus he can flat out frustrate opponents with his patient running style. Short term - Yes. Long term - No.
  2. sreeb2deeni

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    Hurricane Florence. Lol
  3. sreeb2deeni

    T.Y. Hilton Interview

    I feel you Bro. The winds of change are coming...
  4. sreeb2deeni

    Rogers or Hines Returning Kicks?

    Beats an all caps message though eh? I like Hines for the job personally.
  5. sreeb2deeni

    Fear of new O-line getting mislabeled

    I'd say they are just getting down and dirty trying to impress the coaches that will determine their fate. Conrad Dobler. Wow that's a un-blast from the past. Very accurate too. Nice work Smonroe!
  6. sreeb2deeni

    Day six notes

    Appreciate the thorough analysis CR. Hope you a dictation app. Or you're headed for carpal tunnel syndrome. I joke because I still type at a rate of about 13 words per minute.
  7. sreeb2deeni

    T.Y. Hilton Interview

    I feel what you saying but don't fully agree as he has been to the Pro Bowl 4 times. Now I do believe our post-Grig/Pag team is being underrated.
  8. sreeb2deeni

    Luck QB sneak ???

    Uh... no thanks with Luck. Maybe let Brissett run it behind our potentially powerful interior line. Then have Luck run the Naked-Bootleg a play later.
  9. sreeb2deeni

    Breaking News: Jack Mewhort set to Retire

    Soft is not the word I would use for a guy like JM. A degenerative knee condition is a crippling injury. Before my micro-fracture surgery it felt like a lightning bolt of pain when contact was made and my leg was pushing forward. Post surgery it became very obvious that full power was never going to happen again. You rehab and try again and you repeat the cycle. Ultimately you can't play any sports that require leg strength and power. Jack powered through as long as he could. If you want an example of the pain. Find your power drill. Put a 1/2" bit in it. Then drill it into your knee. God bless you Jack, you gave all you had for us. Your efforts are much appreciated by many in Colts Nation. Now go have a few beers and soften up the belly for awhile.
  10. sreeb2deeni

    Had Andrew Luck Lived up to Expectations?

    Different viewpoint on hype and I would love NCF to comment since he was there. In 1983, was the media hype machine anything like it is now? I remember Elway being touted as a football/baseball guy who had the option of either sport. I believe we had one pre-game show and one post-game show. Most, if not all, pre-draft analysis was presented in a pre-draft magazine (that was always over priced). The highlights of the magazine were quotes from highly respected former players, coaches and GMs. Now compare that hype to what Andrew Luck has had to navigate himself through since 2012. Pre-draft analysts hyped Andrew like he was boy wonder and the certain #1 pick. Then the media and fans started criticizing the Colts for sucking to get Luck. The pre-draft analysts consisted of people from life-long NFLers to people like un-NFLers Mel Kiper. Add to the fact that naysaying fans now had the internet to voice their opinions and pushed the hype even further from reality. Now we have say, 15 pre-game and 15 post-game shows filled with many players who have very little original thoughts and rely on the script to not look stupid. The script is very obvious with the selected good guys talking the positive and bad guys counterpointing with the negative. It feels like a middle school debate that is hard to watch. Add in the football-only network(s) analysts who have to talk football 24/7. These guys have a very tough job, yet have proven they will say anything about anybody. The internet world is a very tough place to meet expectations and I just don't see how we can compare players from two different eras in terms of hype. Just another viewpoint to ponder.
  11. sreeb2deeni

    Colts Training Camp 7/27/18

    So let me get this right. Cain is Abel and Hines runs as slow as ketchup out of a new bottle.
  12. sreeb2deeni

    Assuming Luck is ready to go week one...

    He will focus on reducing interceptions early so the TDs will be coming slowly but surely during this period. Then things will start to click and his production will go up to a TD every 3 of 4 quarters. I'd guess 38 TDs and 7 INTs.
  13. sreeb2deeni

    Marcel Dareus sued for sexual assault

    Nothing good ever comes from domestic violence and too many of these football players just don't get it. If not for the NFLPA finding ways to keep accused players eligible to play, these violently-trained men would be out of football, and taking out their aggression on society. I very much love the violence of football, but the ultra-aggression the game teaches needs to happen between the lines only, and never in family or public life. Wake up millionaires. There is no union to protect you in the real world.
  14. sreeb2deeni

    Colts WR Deon Cain working out with NFL Legend

    I'm happy for Moss! Only a high character guy would work with an NFL rookie. Kudos to Cain for seeking pointers from a Hall of Fame player. And kudos to Randy Moss for being open enough to share them our rookie.
  15. sreeb2deeni

    NFL removes Color Rush

    I think the designer dropped his bag of Skittles and then used them as his pallet of colors. I'm good with simple. It connects us to the past and the game we loved. Back when men were men, and stickum was the talk on the one, or two, pregame football shows on tv. Back in the days when the Patriots were in the basement of the AFC East and Steve Grogan's neck was growing at least two feet every off-season. lol