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  1. The most disappointed I've been as a Colts fan was when Luck abruptly retired. I sort of understand why, but when he did it and how it was leaked was extremely disappointing.
  2. Wasn't Quinn Pitcock the guy who couldn't quit playing with his joystick? Colts 3rd round pick down the drain. NFL career down the drain. I find it kind of funny, but his parents were probably pretty disappointed.
  3. 2:20-2:25 No holding on Turay?? 3rd and 13 Turay tackled to the ground. Would have had a hit on the QB. No call?!? Result of the play: TD Chargers Colts play from behind the rest of the game.
  4. Agreed. I think the mindset of the team is going to change with TB at the helm. Play calling is going to to be shaped to JBs strengths. I can see faster starts happening. Really need clutch 3rd down catches from our arsenal of pass receivers.
  5. I heard it was Pat McAfee. And he's bringing back Grigson ......... as a tackling dummie.
  6. Can we play two QBs at once? There are so many capable pass receivers and only one ball. My guess is both guys will see similar touches. Campbell used on early downs and Cain used for clutch third down catches.
  7. On the flip side... If the Colts win and the others get beat, the Colts will be the early division leader at 1-0. Then 15 more games to write the whole story.
  8. Some Colts fans are actually paying customers for the pre-season games. I agree winning doesn't matter. However an entertaining contest is much more fun to attend. The depth this year should provide us more bang for the buck as compared to previous years.
  9. 9-7 with Brissett. Everybody seems to like JB as a solid back-up. With this hypothetical scenario he becomes the starter. Which starter in the NFL would be the best comparison to JB when focusing on his strengths as a QB?
  10. Isn't that like needling us Colts fans. At least that's the way I read it with my Colts colored glasses.
  11. The daily NFL coverage is mind-boggling. TV guys, radio guys, internet guys, ex-players, ex-coaches, ex-GMs and every other type of blathering human being you can think of. How about we Colts fans just tune out Rodney Harrison altogether? He's just trying to needle us and cast doubt on our improvement as a team. Chris Ballard > Rodney Whatshisface
  12. Whose side you on there bud? Hiding? Who's hiding? The Colts line up and play the team standing in front of them week in, week out. Obviously some days go better than others. No matter what the popular opinion is, there will be a championship day when the Patriots go down and go down hard. It's going to take a team whose leadership group is able to match wits with the "almighty" and inspire his players to smash Brady in the mouth over and over. Personally I can't wait to see it happen. Brady whining and complaining at his teammates and coaches during the thrashing. Then the "almighty" at the press conference afterwards, "no comment" "no comment" "no comment". It'll be a great great day for every fan outside of Boston. I believe in our team. Is there time now? We'll see. Go Colts!!!
  13. I say this every year. Earning a reputation as a physically dominant team on both sides of the ball will pave the way to greatness in this league. I remember a coach's joke from when I was an aspiring teenaged hockey player. "Son you need to be like John Wayne toilet paper. Rough, tough and don't take no crap off anybody." Showing my age there, but whatever.
  14. No disrespect to Mr. Hogan, but one door closed means another one opened. Do you promote from within the Colts or do you post this job and hire the best from outside?
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