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  1. sreeb2deeni

    Jihad Ward Video

    Hang a picture of Brady over the hole and continue the cannonball assault.
  2. sreeb2deeni

    Improved or status Q ?

    You're missing the point. "Why all the talk of the window closing because Luck is 30" was what I was saying. I referred to Brady just to give an example of a successful 30+ QB. The other part... nevermind. You clearly have no trust or belief.
  3. sreeb2deeni

    Improved or status Q ?

    Why do people harp on Luck's age? Why is it that the window is so quickly closing? Brady has gone to 6 Super Bowls since age 30. The Colts are handling things the right way. They have trust in what they are doing and they believe in the guys they have wearing their colors. Additionally, it appears they will only sign guys they are convinced will add to that trust and belief. It is conceivable that Super Bowl appearances could become a regular occurrence around here. Trust and belief with a sprinkle of patience, is it too much to ask?
  4. sreeb2deeni

    Justin Houston

    It sounds as though most here believe he could help and that he could had for a reasonable price. I agree, but isn't the problem going to be that all other 31 teams are making the same evaluations and they may be willing to outspend the Colts.
  5. sreeb2deeni

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    I'm thinking differently. If Funchess has a great year and meets his incentives and earns his full $13M, wouldn't he want to begin negotiating at that number? To pay him more than TY seems unlikely. Then again I am not an agent or a GM.
  6. sreeb2deeni

    Colts sign Devin Funchess (Merge)

    If Funchess has a great year and wants to be paid huge money, he mostly likely will have to leave for greener pastures. At that point, Ballard scours free agency once again and choose another popular or unpopular (with the forum) WR to come in and make big plays with Luck. Or if a current guy or draft pick is ready, even better. All of these scenarios point to Ballard having impressive abilities as a GM. I don't see Funchess being a flop in this system, not with this QB.
  7. sreeb2deeni

    Is Jordan Wilkins Overlooked?

    What a ridiculous thing to say.
  8. The guy was an all-american in high school and college and has been an all-pro and to the pro bowl three times. I would have to think the Colt coaches would be thrilled to add him as piece of their puzzle.
  9. sreeb2deeni

    What can we learn from the pats??

    I don't post much, but I really enjoyed reading your post. Your comments were interesting and on point. The cheat stuff doesn't do much for me. Thank you!
  10. sreeb2deeni

    Bell to the Colts? (Article/Rumour)

    If signing Bell is possible, I think you have to really think about it. If he wants a long term deal with huge money, then no. If he wants huge money and will take less term, I would go for it. Winning the Super Bowl is all that matters. If we significantly improve our offense with Bell, why not go for it on a short term deal? He could be the answer to our pass blocking issues from the RB position and the answer to our screen pass success. Plus he can flat out frustrate opponents with his patient running style. Short term - Yes. Long term - No.
  11. sreeb2deeni

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    Hurricane Florence. Lol
  12. sreeb2deeni

    T.Y. Hilton Interview

    I feel you Bro. The winds of change are coming...
  13. sreeb2deeni

    Rogers or Hines Returning Kicks?

    Beats an all caps message though eh? I like Hines for the job personally.
  14. sreeb2deeni

    Fear of new O-line getting mislabeled

    I'd say they are just getting down and dirty trying to impress the coaches that will determine their fate. Conrad Dobler. Wow that's a un-blast from the past. Very accurate too. Nice work Smonroe!
  15. sreeb2deeni

    Day six notes

    Appreciate the thorough analysis CR. Hope you a dictation app. Or you're headed for carpal tunnel syndrome. I joke because I still type at a rate of about 13 words per minute.