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  1. the entire 1953 Baltimore Colts series....and every series since... so every card from topps i think. me and my dad had collected them.
  2. His last regular season game was good. I think we had to get the win or a Texans loss to win the division
  3. he should of gone to the 49ers. denver had nothing compared to what the 49ers had to offer....except money...so i believe thats what made the decision. no way the eli factor had to do with it. 49ers are to good for him to say no just cuz his brother is in the conference. Only other reason is maybe the 49ers werent willing to let him ahve full control of the offense. i doubt it though because they wouldnt go after him if that was the case. shows you that even the players you think arent about the money are just fakers....
  4. colts are my favorite team. i also like the ravens (home town) and i peyton is the GOAT. 1. 2. :manning: 3. :ravens: however, in a playoff game between the broncos and the colts (if it happens) i will vote for the broncos only because peyton has a limited amount of time left. after he retires my list will come into affect again 1. 2. :ravens: ta-da
  5. please tell me that was some sort of joke....
  6. i just saw it on fb and went to the colts forum as soon as i knew. its nice how he didnt just leave after becoming a free agent and addressed us not the media. may just be to sound like a good guy but still heck be missed and best of luck to him. gets to play with RG3 lol
  7. oh yes robert mathis i keep forgeting hes resigned...
  8. jeez the only guys on this team the i know anymore (not including everyone who will be lost to free agents/trade) is my man antoine bethea. besides that donald brown, austin collie....pat angerer....dan orlovsky??? this sucks...
  9. yea andrewluck12 thats right. But i think if he didnt fail it purposefully it would have a negative impact on him because obviously he made improvement while working with the team
  10. garcon turned down a 5 year deal. he obviously doesnt want to play with the colts and either wants to do the same as reggie (join peyton) or just go somewhere else and win.
  11. its on nfl network at 9 tonight eastern time. cant wait. peyton manning sound fx is on now
  12. im only at teenager so i dont have too much history. dont live in indianapolis but i remember the first time i watched football. it was the ravens colts playoff game 2006. i was rooting for bmore because they are my home team. the ravens lost and i didnt care too much. however, i saw how special peyton was as he commanded the offense. i watched him win the afc championship game and super bowl. i declared them my favorite team. Ive dealt with alot of hate being in bmore as a colts fan. I will always follow and be a peyton fan. im still a colts fan however because my dad was a bmore colts fan so
  13. well it is possible that maybe the CBA was restricting them from doing something so they are releasing him so it can work. But thats unlikely. i will now be a colts/(insert peytons team here) fan. Favorite memory http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3rlERTNo5I&feature=plcp&context=C3e56f86UDOEgsToPDskI0OT_a-DvzHA5B-AMeIGFM
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