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  1. Super Bowl will be a great game.

  2. I really hope giants win, but I think pats win 24-16 in a defensive battle. Pats d has been hot lately. Hope my prediction is wrong. #giants

  3. The irsay-manning situation is getting really ugly now! Peyton says he is back and irsay denies it. This is not going to end well at all.

  4. 33 14 westfield leading at half

  5. I predict this game will get out of hand. Jenn will go off for 30 plus #d1

  6. World history with @chloelminor is the best class. #keepittaylor

  7. Roy Anderson hired as safeties coach. We retain rb coach David walker
  8. We just hired Alfredo Roberts as our new tight ends coach as well. Was the coach with bucs before fired with Raheem Morris
  9. Media day was a lot of fun. #superbowlweek

  10. Gronk is not in a walking boot

  11. Indygo bus smells like ^chiz^!

  12. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day

  13. Just found out Nike is going to replace reebok next year for nfl unis. #exciting

  14. My weekends are way too boring. #night

  15. According to multiple reliable sources, Peyton manning will be released before march 8 deadline. Possibly a few weeks before around combine.

    1. CR91


      la confora doesnt count as a source.

  16. Clyde Christensen officially let go after colts hire Bruce arians. I think that is the final nail in the coffin for manning leaving. #byebye

  17. I'm hearing ravens d line coach Clarence brooks might follow pagano to Indy
  18. Pure speculation flew to Raleigh today.
  19. New colts motto from pagano. #letshunt

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