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  1. These pacers retro unis have to be their regular uniforms forever

    1. BrentMc11


      Love them...ROGER BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We have exactly 15 days or less until Manning Drama is over.

    1. Nadine


      How many more days of complaining about the wait by the media?

    2. MIColtsFan


      whew, hope I can make it!

    3. southwest1


      Consider yourself lucky Indianapolis, next to the Brett Favre retirement flip flop circus fiasco in Wisconsin several years ago, the Peyton Manning dilemma is a cake walk & smooth sailing. I speak from personal experience on this colossal melted cheddar disaster known as crybaby Brett Favre.

  3. Hope IHSAA changes location for sectional. I don't want to get measles from Noblesville.

    1. MIColtsFan


      Noblesville graduate here, what's up with the measles comment?

  4. Going to be a long night of health homework. #FML

  5. North Central- HSE will be an amazing sectional game to watch.

  6. Overrated by in my books being to highly rated. They will not sniff final four. I've seen sullinger play a lot. I'm not impressed.

    1. BrentMc11


      Sullinger quit playing hard....I hope the NBA notices...the other kids are running wild...Sully jogs...I would never have thught he was a quitter.

  7. Yeah, you're cool to "not hang out with me"

  8. After seeing @thats_G_ and @zirvin21 play last night, I have to see them again. #needthereautographs

  9. Butler, Iu, and purdue all have really nice basketball recruiting classes for next year.

    1. BrentMc11


      IU is very strong, Purdue is strong, and Butler will be back in the mix....not hitting the 3's this year....Dunham will light up Hinkle...My favorite place to shoot other than the old Martinsville gym...carrer hi 23. The old Center Grove gym was great too...23...matched career hi.

  10. Some people tweet WAY TOO MUCH!

    1. Nadine


      True, I used to follow more people than I do now.

  11. Westfield is way too strict on not giving out delays...

    1. BrentMc11


      How much snow up there esidery?

  12. After pondering I'm doing rugby. #nightworld

  13. I'm officially on the Westfield rugby team! my first practice is thursday! #rugbyswag

  14. 1900 tweet goes out to everyone I care about

  15. Key to game tonight, feed Jenn the ball on every possession and get the big nc girls in foul trouble. Jenn needs to score 20 plus to win.

  16. I wish we would actually have a student section tonight for girls game

  17. I'm thinking about next year having rocky and another mascot. Anyone have any mascot ideas like animals or something?

  18. first off don't criticize info just passing along info from colts insider @coltsinsider I meant to type same person, mac
  19. Well the as,e person is telling me there was a meeting scheduled tonight, if Peyton cancelled the meeting then it doesn't look good.
  20. I guess twitter gets my head spinning too easy. #sorryguys hope this ends soon though
  21. According to @coltsinsider on twitter manning and irsay are meeting tonight. Could we know fate by end of week? Hope we know soon.
  22. It's scary for the nba when David west is your 5th option as a scorer. #deepteam #finalssleeper

  23. Peyton to be released around combine according to my sources @jasonlacanfora was right all along

    1. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Well all that seems to be coming up right now is sources. A lot of those floating around.

    2. Nadine


      Peyton laughed at the sources you know

  24. Justin Tuck or Eli MVP

  25. Role Reversal, Eli had minute to win in 42, now brady in 46

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