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  1. Deron Williams just scored 57! #wow

    1. BrentMc11


      He was recruiting Dwight Howard.

  2. Rugby tournament at colts complex tomorrow. #FSU

  3. 2000 tweet goes out to my family and Hamilton county basketball for making finals week fly by.

  4. Heading to noblesville for sectionals. #goodnight

  5. That entrepreneurship final took 15 minutes! #tooeasy

    1. BrentMc11


      Is that your final answer? That HAD to be easy!!!!

  6. Still in shock being in attendance at that game last night. @thats_G_ has mr. Basketball on lockdown after that shot.

  7. That health final was the easiest final ever

  8. There better be a massive student section tonight. #gameoftheyear

  9. Ronnie johnson ball handling skills are sick!

  10. Anyway HSE- North Central tonight! #gameofyear

  11. Office calls me down as ryan sidery. #cmonman

  12. Seems like everyone I talk to at WHS says RG3 > Luck. You're all wrong. They are pretty close, but Luck is the best over him. #futurecoltsqb

    1. KeyserSoza


      No doubt about it

    2. MIColtsFan


      I like what Luck is putting out there personality wise and his work ethics over RG3 as well. I think he's a better fit for the Colts org.

  13. He talked to redskins and dolphins today as well @TylerKeith8

  14. When your flash drive doesn't save your 3 page essay projectg and you have to retype it. #fmylife

  15. 4.59 40 for luck! 3rd overall! White man can run!

    1. CR91


      i think thats just as fast as cam

    2. BrentMc11


      So he and RG3 run faster than our running backs.....WOW! I wish both QBs could throw side by side.

  16. Rugby scrimmage against Carmel! #LEGGO

  17. Rasheed Wallace coming back to the lakers! That is desperate stuff right there! #lmao

    1. BrentMc11


      SAD! They are desperate....need a point guard!

  18. He is probably looking for number one money in the market since the wide receiver market won't be that strong. Probably wants 35-40 million after catching all of those passes from painter and orlovsky. If he wants number one money, you can say good bye.
  19. Starbucks is my drug

    1. Gramz


      I can relate... lucky for me, my son in law manages one of the stores and keeps me in supply

    2. Nadine


      Me too. My daughter used to work there and I got a discount. I miss that!

  20. Just bought tickets to sectionals!

  21. 3 hours of Spanish homework done. Time to go to bed.

  22. Practice tonight after that chill. #relaxing

  23. Rugby scrimmage against Carmel on their turf. Hope I don't get urinated on.

    1. BrentMc11


      HMMMM! I used to like rugby.

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