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  1. I hope we can sign him...But this move that the Colts are at least looking at another DE/OLB tells me they are still thinking of trading Freeney either during the draft or soon before. They are just waiting to get the right offer, which could still be made by the Bears, Pats, or Dolphins.

    We would still be fine without Freeney since we would have Mathis, Hughes, hopefully Wheeler, and then either Lawson or another rookie.

    Completely agree with you, or looking at the roster they don't have much depth at outside linebacker. I won't trade freeney for no less then a 3rd.

  2. Also hearing, that the broncos are out according to the source I was talking to a few minutes ago. Down to titans, 49ers. Titans are favorites. Breaking news folks. Media won't know it until Tuesday

  3. The "as,e person"? What does that mean?

    If you are getting your info from Twitter, you probably shouldn't act as if you have inside information. A tweeter who wouldn't know you from a hole in the ground is no more a "source" than Rich Eisen would be my "friend" just because I find him amusing.

    first off don't criticize info just passing along info from colts insider @coltsinsider I meant to type same person, mac
  4. @JimIrsay

    We've done 4 already and now we're steady


    I am guessing the 4 are Jerry Gray, Mike Zimmer, Chuck Pagano, and Pete Carmicahel?

    I'm starting to think that it is down to zimmer, tressel, carmichael, and pagano. Man, I really want pagano. Bring back Mathis and have him turn into Suggs. Rob says he has wanted to stand up. I really hope chuck wows him. Another kind of grigson guy.
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