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  1. "I have a lot of respect for Matt. He's a great kid. He's overcome some adversity." - @Pete_Lembo on @11DroppinDimes https://t.co/VFBj2mgnI3

  2. "Salamo Fiso is really, really important to our system and what we’re doing." Graham on Fiso's status, and more: https://t.co/BBZ4hsgVcr

  3. 1900 tweet goes out to everyone I care about

  4. 2000 tweet goes out to my family and Hamilton county basketball for making finals week fly by.

  5. 3 hours of Spanish homework done. Time to go to bed.

  6. 33 14 westfield leading at half

  7. 4.59 40 for luck! 3rd overall! White man can run!

    1. CR91


      i think thats just as fast as cam

    2. BrentMc11


      So he and RG3 run faster than our running backs.....WOW! I wish both QBs could throw side by side.

  8. 5 colts personnel were at Baylor pro day to watch rg3. Including head coach chuck pagano and qb coach Clyde Christensen. #veryinteresting

    1. CR91


      same thing will happen in stanford's pro day. it means nothing

    2. BrentMc11


      Tomorrow at 11 AM....Stanford...

    3. MAC


      It means that they're doing there jobs.

  9. According to John McClain, he believes that texans are not in the manning race.

    1. BrentMc11


      Tennessee wants him, and are already paying Hasselback and Locker way too much....another cap killer.

  10. According to multiple reliable sources, Peyton manning will be released before march 8 deadline. Possibly a few weeks before around combine.

    1. CR91


      la confora doesnt count as a source.

  11. After pondering I'm doing rugby. #nightworld

  12. After seeing @thats_G_ and @zirvin21 play last night, I have to see them again. #needthereautographs

  13. Also just breaking, broncos plan to make massive run at Peyton manning. Elway wants to have a great quarterback to lead his framchise today.

  14. Anyway HSE- North Central tonight! #gameofyear

  15. Been told by someone close to tebow camp, has offers from packers, jets, and jaguars. Bills and patriots are staying away from tebow for now

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    2. southwest1


      Tebow should have gone to Green Bay & been tutored under HC Mike McCarthy. It would have been a great NFL environment to perfect & hone his skill set.

    3. BrentMc11


      Too cold.....NY may be too cold.....Tebow has only played once in temps below freezing....poor lil fella.

    4. southwest1


      Yeah, you are probably right. Bone chilling cold Green Bay would not suit him well at all. Frostbite would not be a good new reality for #15. Like that foreign de-icer commercial I sent your earlier. HA! HA!

  16. Big news in my opinion, head coach and gm, pagano and grigson were at rg3 pro day. Only qb coach is at luck pro day? Rg3 colt? #qbdrama

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    2. MTC


      Luck will be the pick.

    3. CR91


      luck threw outside in the wind plus threw 70 yards. the colts would be *s not to take him

    4. MIColtsFan


      I think they just want to be sure, after letting Peyton go and all, they better be REAL sure

  17. Bills have signed Mario Williams. The deal is over 100 million dollars! #wow

    1. Moncrief


      RE: Bills have signed Mario Williams. Watch out Brady!

    2. Blackhawk4


      That's not what I'm hearing....I'm hearing he left without a deal.

    3. southwest1


      $100 million!!! Wow!!! Does Mario Williams need a personal assistant? I'm available. HA! HA!

  18. Breaking: Peyton manning and titans are in deep negotiations. Also, took a physical with them. Only team to do that with. #peytontotitans

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    2. MAC


      I hope not. What's your source - Listening to ESPN right now and all the balls are still up in the air!

    3. Nadine


      I'm not a fan of this move because I see nothing but trouble here as a result of this. Only bright side is our new young team will get a trial by fire!

    4. ColtsPRIDE11


      not a good move IMO. Denver has better protection for him and more weapons...not to mention who they could bring in this offseason for him...

  19. Broncos will offer Peyton manning 5 year 60 million dollar deal. The deal will be 30 million guaranteed. See if Peyton is a bronco. #peyton

    1. southwest1


      I hope Peyton signs the dotted line of that Broncos offer. Denver has much better pieces in place. I don't care if they signed Steve Hutchinson in Tennessee. He is not in his prime anymore. Stick with Fox & Elway Peyton, they will get you to the Lombardi Promise Land plain & simple.

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