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  1. Ok, i am already ticked @ Grigson, as i knew i would be. We could've drafted Fleener later in round 4 or 5. If he doesn't clean up, and make the right moves in free agency, ill be the worst anti-grigson person in this forum....im quiet, but im watching everything....
  2. Im sorry, my friend i can't comply with that request. This is the guy we shouldn't pass on..... Height: 6'4 Weight: 215 40 time: 4:28 Get Andrew someone he can grow with....
  3. Pierre Garcon Turns Down Five-Year Deal From Colts Pierre has no interest in playing for Chuck Pagano or catching passes from Andrew Luck. http://www.stampedeb...deal-from-colts Like Reggie Wayne, Pierre is a "package deal" with Peyton Manning, and will go wherever he goes.
  4. I do prefer nike over reebok, but the NFL is married to reebok, so i don't want to be labled a home wrecker
  5. Andrew Luck's neck & head. Peyton's shoulder. Changed his helmet, and now he's colt. Now let's see how he plays on Sundays...
  6. Agreed.....it's insane to give away 3 - 1st round picks, and a 2 and rounder. Free agency, and looking at some dominant division 3 athletes, will help them recover. Who is there GM again? Bruce who? Oh yea the genius that created a QB competition between Rex Grossman & John Beck..... Quote from my sis-in-law: 2 mentally challenged people are arguing over who won a race...why? when it's over, both of you are still special people.....nobody wins...lol
  7. (The guys that do this are way better than me. I could, but it would take me too long.) Get Ready Washington, faster than Doug Williams, more productive than Mark Rypien, and smarter than Joe Theisman, it's RG3!!!! Get ready for your 4th superbowl!!!
  8. I believe the people of Indiana, and colts fans everywhere will be willing to forgive him, as long as he stays in Indiana, and Grigson makes the right moves during his tenure here. If he moves from here, people are going to start a witch hunt, and verbal destroy him whenever & wherever his name is mentioned. How do i know? Because ill start one....
  9. I have to say, it's good to see Bill smiling and giving his 2 cents about the colts draft position. Not sure if it's age, or illness, but i think his best GM does are behind him. I wish him well in his latter years, and look forward to seeing him inducted into the hall of fame. Thanks Bill Polian for your many years of service!.....P.S. Chris Polian's lack of judgement is what sank our ship, not Bill,...is what im still clinging to, but that horse died last year, sorry for kicking him again...
  10. ED29_1659yards

    My Colts Ring Of Honor

    RETIRED JERSEYS' (Both Now & 2 Come)
  11. The fact that you been around long enough to see the changes this team has gone through, says alot about the loyalty you've had for this organization. Your comments also expose the type of fan(team-supporter) that you've been over the years. We've all gone through transitional periods in our life, much like the team that we love so much. Stay the course, don't do anymore damage to your colts-fan legacy, and transform into a "Social Media Bandwagon-Jumper"....
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