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  1. Hey Colts fans. I have been one who has been saying Peyton will remain a Colt until he retires. Why does Irsay publicly announce Peyton can stay if...... What happened to money was not the problem, his health is. You were the owner who bragged about making your QB the highest paid man in the NFL. Now you got it. Sounds like you got carried away. I'm personally tired of the all the secressy surounding every personell problem this team has had since Polian came on board and seems to continue right along. Its tough when you have followed a team as long as I have to allow this crap to become anything more than a side show. I think team wise, the Colts probably should move on, change their logos and their uniforms and start over. Will I be there to watch? I don't know. As I mentioned before, when you have been a fan a long time, I saw the Colts clean house and let Unitas go. Bubba Smith was the last one released. Then they let Bert Jones go. Things were pretty dismal until Harbaugh and Marchibroda brought life and some respectability back to the Colts. I met Harbaugh and Bill Tobin on the Golf Course shortly after that Pittsburg loss in the Conference championship and told them both what they had done for the Colts fans here in Florida. The Manning era Kind of made you forget about all those bad memories. Now here we are at another crossroads in Colts history. Do I have the intestinal fortitude it takes to be a Colt fan one more go around?


    The fact that you been around long enough to see the changes this team has gone through, says alot about the loyalty you've had for this organization. Your comments also expose the type of fan(team-supporter) that you've been over the years. We've all gone through transitional periods in our life, much like the team that we love so much. Stay the course, don't do anymore damage to your colts-fan legacy, and transform into a "Social Media Bandwagon-Jumper"....

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